Cernovich and Cassandra Fairbanks trigger thousands by ‘OK’ hand gesture snap

MIKE Cernovich is appealing to social media users to upload a snap of the “OK.” hand gesture – after triggered SJW journalists accused of supporting “white power” for using it

Mike Cernovich and Cassandra Fairbanks posed for a picture with President Trump’s trademark hand sign in the White House press briefing room on Friday, April 28.


Fairbanks posted the image to Twitter, which was saved and uploaded by Emma Roller, a feminist-looking reporter at Fusion, and retweeted more than 4,500 times with the comment: “Just two people doing a white power hand gesture in the White House.”


Aghast at the insane reaction to using the OK. sign, Cerny is now encouraging Twitter users to post a selfie with #OK  to wind up the easily-angered social justice warriors.


On a Periscope livestream on April 29, he said: “Today is the great triggering of Twitter. If you want to post #OK, because fake news is not okay. I think that would be a lot of fun. We have got to let fake news know fake news is not okay.


“The lying, character assassinations, destroying reputations, falsely accusing people of terrible, terrible things is not okay. Have some decency,  have some integrity. Fake news is not okay.”


Failed newspaper now news website, The Independent, is reporting “two members of alt-right accused of making white supremacist hand signs in White House after receiving press passes”, and “the journalists say the hand symbol is innocent – but it has been condemned as ‘racist’ by the Anti-Defamation League”.


Further, the newspaper is trying to peddle the myth that the okay sign is some sort of white supremacy symbol.


The Independent’s fake news reporter Emily Shugerman wrote: “The symbol, however, has become more contentious with the rise of the alt-right – a far-right contingent in the United States that rejects both mainstream conservatism and liberal ideologies. The self-proclaimed founder of the alt-right, Richard Spencer, is a well-known white supremacist.


“Alt-right journalist Lucian Wintrich, a writer for The Gateway Pundit, sparked outcry when he flashed the symbol in a similar picture at the White House in February. Notorious alt-right personality Milo Yiannopoulos also frequently flashes the symbol.


“The resurgence of the symbol may be traced back to a popular alt-right meme, known as ‘smug Pepe,’ which began circulating on alt-right, pro-Trump message boards in 2015. Mr Trump often uses the symbol when speaking, explaining its significance with the president’s supporters.


“The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) characterises the symbol as a ‘racist hand sign.'”


This is a prime example of the snowflake nature of the progressive left, in attempting to


Proud Boy Reporter Juan Woods Analysis:


This is a desperate attempt by the progressive left to invent the evil racists they so desire so their political agenda and extreme actions against their opposition are legitimised.


By labeling Cernovich and Fairbank supporters of white power, it is an attempt to smear them and discredit them as journalists, and add to this illusion there is an army of “alt-right” white supremacists at the gates of the West.


Ordinary people will rightly find this mindset, of calling the OK sign racist, completely absurd.


The truth is, the symbol means “OK” and nothing more, and people like to do it because they love President Trump, who has made it his trademark gesture.


It’s also now, as we can see, an effective way of triggering thousands of looney lefties, which any good human being rejoices in doing.


The social justice left is so, so desperate to create these boogiemen, and this is just the latest round of utter nonsense spouting from their mouths.


It is a classic case of NAZI or NAT SEE glasses.


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John Woods

Written by John Woods

John Woods is the Europe Editor of Proud Boys Magazine, covering the craziness of political correctness, radical Islam and more. Follow him on Twitter @realJohnWoods.

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