CALL TO ARMS: Stop SJWs destroying a young conservative entrepreneur

A horde of social justice warriors are trying to destroy a Cleveland woman’s business — because she expressed conservative views online.

Cleveland Antifascist Network has posted all of her details including phone number, email, address and social media accounts in a bid for Antifa to smear them. The sickening dox was made via It’s Going Down and can be viewed here.

The anonymous poster wrote: “We here at the Cleveland Antifascist Network love to interact with our fans. We noticed some comments from a curious young lady named Kristi Wall, who was curious “why we support Sharia Law.” Of course, we don’t support Sharia Law, but Kristi seems to think that defending the civil rights of Muslim communities is equivalent to this.”

Ms Wall’s Facebook and Yelp accounts have been descended upon by SJW “anti-fascists” who are incorrectly smearing the woman as a Nazi.

We need to counter and report these lies to stop this entrepreneur’s small business being completely ruined by hate-ridden, cowardly members of Antifa.

What we need you to do:


  1. Leave a positive review on both of her shops’ Yelp pages.
  2. Email [email protected] telling them about the smear and not to believe it.
  3. Hunt down those who seek to destroy her for expressing moderately conservative views and expose them.


It is understood Ms Wall has taken her Facebook business page down after the smear campaign kicked off.


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John Woods

Written by John Woods

John Woods is the Europe Editor of Proud Boys Magazine, covering the craziness of political correctness, radical Islam and more. Follow him on Twitter @juanwoods11.

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