British Muslim calls on people to defy political correctness and report child abuse

Ahmed Patel told Katie Hopkins on her radio show the problem stains Muslim, Pakistani and Indian communities

A Muslim man called on people in his community to report signs of child abuse and encouraged others not to be afraid of political correctness, and report anything suspicious.

Ahmed Patel, 50, spoke to Katie Hopkins on her weekly LBC radio show on the topic of Britain’s Rape Gangs, where they spoke about Muslim child abuse rings.

A retired policeman also told how the police, councils and social services are rotten to the core with people who have made careers from promoting diversity and multiculturalism, and that it has caused the system to be corrupt and ignore victims of child abuse.

The emotional session saw callers drawn to tears as they discussed ordeals of dealing with children who had been brutally raped and manipulated by groups of people from the Middle East and third world.

Ahmed, from Dewsberry West Yorkshire, told Katie: “I’m not afraid as a 50-year-old Asian Muslim man to say I found the drama just absolutely, really disgusting. It’s put a stain on the whole community.

“How on earth do you [parents and victims] deal with a situation like that? I just feel so, so, so sorry for the girls.

“I’m not bothered about using specific terms, like Muslims or Pakistanis or whatever, if you have any idea, if you know anyone involved in this don’t justify it, don’t think it’s okay and report it to people.

“Can you imagine if something like this was happening to your own daughter and no one reported it, how you would feel?

“You cannot remain silent. We cannot remain silent. As a community, as a Muslim community, as a Pakistani community, as an Indian community.

“However you want to live with it, it’s a crime against humanity and because of this we are all suffering and these girls are our girls. They are our friends, our sisters, in schools, they are our fellow human beings… If anybody out there knows anything please report it to the police. Don’t be afraid of political correctness.”

Former cop Mick has been left outraged and disgusted at how progressive cronyism has reduced the efficiency of services.

He said: “The whole hierarchy here of social services, local authorities and police are people who have made careers celebrating diversity, multiculturalism so, as we saw in Rochdale, what happens is when these crimes happen their first concern is protecting this wonder world they promote.

“The idea of dealing with child abuse, it is a case of ignoring child abuse and carrying on with this politically correct world they have learned at about at university and carried all the way up to the senior ranks. It really is terrible. This is the problem with police, why matters aren’t deal with efficiently.”

Hopkins then asked if she thinks there is a way to break through the relentless focus on diversity being key, instead of looking at small girls washing up at police stations and not being heard.

Mick added: “I’ve been involved in youth work for 25 years. These things are tragic, but the only way the government can deal with this is to really look at who the senior officers are because these people are so self-selecting – it’s a tragic situation. They’re all of the same ilk and promote people of the same ilk.”

Hopkins then ended the show on an emotionally-charged message to the rape gangs haunting Britain.

He said: “I’ve been thinking a lot about our conversation this week. Sometimes, I’ve been thinking it’s utterly vital or fundamentally necessary and other times I wonder if it’s all too scary, too frightening. I’ve been a bit afraid as a mum with two girls aged 11 and 12.

“I’ve been afraid Britain is cut right through with this dark malevolence, dark forces, that play on this kind of fear you get as a mum, that when you first give birth, that someone would take your child away from you.

“But, then I realised that it’s not all hopeless, we’re not all beaten, we do have power. I have power as a mum, power to protecting my children by helping them see what is out there. I have power to help them understand, maybe quietly and without drama, how these gangs work. I can explain the hook, the predator, the coordinator. I can explain how no man should ever use you to repay his debt. I can explain why it’s not okay and as a mum I can reinforce every day that if you have a problem you tell someone.

“If I spoke to my little children now, if they were sat here, they know this stuff off by heart. What do you do if you have a problem? You tell mum. What will mum do? Mum will fix it. And even if I can’t we will find a way together, and I say to my children. what do you do if you have a really big problem, if you’ve done something really terrible? We still say you tell mum because mum will fix it no matter what.

“And, to the children who don’t have parents to call from, the easy pickings for these men, we need to have the same message for them, someone they can tell, a teacher, a social worker, another mum. These people will show you that they care way more than the man outside your school in the flash car pretending he loves you.

“As parents and adults we have this power. We can fight back by having our kids safe on the inside, like a force shield, they can at least question the lies they may have been told. We cannot rely on politicians, we cannot always rely on police, but as parents we can rely on ourselves.

“To the rape squads of Britain, I say this: our daughters are not white trash, they are brave and beautiful and free, and we will help the stand strong against you. You don’t have my hatred, you don’t have my fear, you have nothing. You are nothing. The power of the truth will always be stronger than the weakness of your lives. The weakness of your lives – the power of the truth will always be stronger than the weakness of your lives.”

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