British media loses it over President Trump sharing Britain First’s videos of Islamic extremism

The videos show Muslims throwing gays off buildings, smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary and attacking civilians in Europe

POTUS retweeted three Britain First videos showing Islamic extremism.

The politically correct British media has been sent into overdrive – as President Donald Trump retweeted three videos of Islamic extremism posted by Britain First.

Britain First is a political party and campaign group in the UK who are active against the Islamisation of Britain, and have become the chew-thing of the British media, which lambasts them as “far-right”.

The BBC released a “breaking” news story, calling the recordings of violent acts carried out by Islamists “inflammatory”.

Many others have followed suit — with NONE commenting on the horrible acts of violence committed by Islamists in the videos. LBC has even called them “anti-Muslim” videos.

The use of the word “inflammatory” is used negatively, but in reality, should we not all be inflamed with rage at what radical Islam is doing to the world?

President Trump retweeted Jayda Fransen, who is the deputy leader of Britain First, a right-wing political party in the United Kingdom.

Britain First has been at the forefront of challenging the Islamisation of Britain, regularly pulling stunts and protests to raise awareness of the problem.

Like many working class movements on the right, Britain First is sneered at by the cosmopolitan middle class across the UK for its unfettered approach.

BF’s members are sometimes tangled up in outbursts, sometimes violence, but it is innocent enough, and over exaggerated by the progressive news outlets in the UK.

The British media loves Britain First, though, as it provides them with newsfood for hungry consumers who adore joining in with the sneering of Britain First.

Perhaps it gives people some sort of fulfilment, to lambast this grassroots movement that sprung out of the dozens of Islamic paedophile rings plaguing children in the UK.

Britain First may not be perfect, but it is exemplary of the dejected British working class who just brought about the historic vote to leave the European Union.

But no one has ever proven Britain First wrong, not factually at least. Its leaders like Jayda hit a nerve with what they do, because they exploit the uncomfortable truth about Islam in Britain.

It’s good that President Trump has RT’d these videos as it will open the debate about Britain First and help mainstream their ideas, which are fairly banal when you boil them down.

No one can deny Islamic immigration has transformed Britain’s streets, from local demographics, to dead bodies piling up and anti-lorry bollards across our nation.

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