VIDEO: Meet Britain’s ‘queer’ feminist fight club and prepare to laugh

Think hardcore SJW feminists crossed with wrestling walruses then you have FEMME FERAL

A video about a new ‘queer’ feminist fight club is doing the rounds in British social media – and the members’ parents must be SO PROUD!

It shows a number of fat ‘femme’ women clad in latex, fishnet tights and colourful wigs rolling around in what they describe as “wrestling”.

They tell an interviewer they’re unleashing their pent up frustration about Brexit and the Tories.

Feminist Fight Club

FEMME FERAL is the queer feminist fight club where women and femme-identifying people channel their rage through body-slams and dropkicks.

Posted by Broadly on Monday, January 29, 2018

A typical agenda includes prowling for ten minutes, singing the communist hymn the Internationale, a ten minute warm-up, seven one minute rounds, singing Abba’s Dancing Queen, screaming, spanking, more fighting and so on.

The exercise is about bringing women together in the great battle against “The Patriarchy”, where they campaign to convince the public of their wishes to replace men in important jobs with women.

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