Britain’s first jihadi jail to welcome first terror preachers

A total of 12 Islamist preachers are to be caged at the HMP Frankland prison within a prison

BRITAIN’S new ‘prison within a prison’ jihadi jail is set to welcome its first 12 guests.

Up to 28 of the most silver-tongued caged preachers will be housed at the special unit in HMP Frankland and other units when they open.

The move is designed to stop the radicalisation of the many Muslims in the UK’s prisons.

However, the British Government press release fails to even mention radical Islam or Muslim.

Prisoners will be reviewed once every three months to see if they can return to the main prison.

With clever Islamists well-tuned with Taqiyya it is unlikely to be a major success.

Taqiyya is the system of Muslims hiding their true beliefs to endure and survive persecution.

Prisoners are considered for the jihadi jail based on their behaviour and level of risk.

Michael Adebolajo

Terrorists who commit the worst atrocities like Michael Adebolajo, who murdered soldier Lee Rigby, and failed 21/7 bomber Osman Hussein, will be kept at the units.

Muslims are the dominant faction in UK prisons – separating 28 radicals is unlikely to be fruitful.

It is part of a wider move to crack down on the colleges of Islamic extremism in prisons.

Prisons Minister Sam Gyimah said: “Any form of extremism must be defeated wherever it is found, and it is right that we separate those who pose the greatest risk in order to limit their influence over other prisoners.

“These centres are a crucial part of our wider strategy to help tackle extremism in prisons and ensure the safety and security of both our prisons and the wider public.”

It also includes a new counter-terrorism directorate, new intelligence units, banning of extremist literature and fresh training for staff.





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