Breaking: Brittany Venti Arrested at May Day Protest

Free Speech Advocate Assaulted

Brittany Venti a Proud Boy’s Girl, avid streamer, MAGA hat wearing internet sensation was arrested today at the May Day protest in NYC after she was attacked by the Antifa Black Bloc.









Brittany’s last words as she was being escorted away by police was “Free Speech” According to her Twitter account she she has been released and will update us soon.

AntiFa’s NYC twitter account had this to say (as usual in their incoherent, backward Orwellian New-Speak:

They leave out the part where several people witnessed Brittney being assaulted by AntiFa Marxists, which is both plausible and their M.O..  I’m sure an honest oversight by the lying Marxists who always seem to think the “ends justify the means” to spread…. whatever the hell they want to spread (they’re not even sure).

Below is a periscope with witnesses to the arrest:

Here is footage of the arrested:

We will have more on this as it develops.  And we be sharing contact information of AntiFa members along with pictures and their employment of know members as it comes.

Hang in there Brittnay


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