BBC bans white people from applying for job

The BBC is delving into Cultural Marxism in its hiring practices

The BBC has explicitly frozen white applicants out.

The BBC has banned white people from applying for a vacancy in broadcast journalism in London.

The corporation is looking for a trainee broadcast journalist to get stuck into current affairs.

White people, however, are not welcomed to apply. Only blacks, Asians or anyone that is not white.

The advert on states: “This internship is only open to candidates from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority background.”

It’s down right racism, to exclude candidates based on their ethnic background – why is this happening?

This racism is likely an example of cultural Marxism seeping into the hiring practices of our state broadcaster.

White people are assumed by cultural Marxists to be oppressing other races, genders or any form of minority.

There is no evidence for such, but a theory underpinned by Karl Marx that has been transformed into modern day identity politics.

You could argue that the ruling class does to an extent oppresses the working class – but they have turned it into, mostly, straight white men against women, ethnic minorites, gays, transexuals etc.

It’s terrifying that this mindset is seeping so deeply into the fabric of the British taxpayer-funded media.

Did, at any point, the BBC ask the public what they thought about race-based hiring practices?

I think not – and that’s probably fewer people are paying their license fee (Britain’s TV tax) than ever before.



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John Woods

Written by John Woods

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