Aristocrat Jacob Rees-Mogg — the unlikely rising star of British conservatism

#Moggmentum is gathering to meme Jacob Rees-Mogg MP to becoming the next British Prime Minister, as doubt continues over Theresa May

A BRITISH aristocrat is the new rising star of conservatism in the United Kingdom — and Theresa May needs to seriously watch out.

MP Jacob Rees-Mogg is a back-bencher of the Tory party who has lately risen as a voice of reason among Brexiteers.

The 48-year-old has lately been springing to prominence on social media for statements and commentary in the Brexit debate.

Given his reputation, as being known as an old-fashioned blue blooded posh son of a nobleman, it will come as a surprise to many of his fellow MPs.

Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.

The articulate father-of-six appears to be gathering some steam from younger social media users, with hashtags like #Moggmentum and #Moggmania springing up.

A campaign website and social media channels have already been formed. Whether it is by proxy the MP or not, no one knows, but it looks anonymous.

There has been significant public interest in the last month for the North East Somerset MP, with Google Trends showing a spikes of interest throughout June and July, which were non-existent in prior months.

Such has his profile risen that he has been forced to deny, very politely, on air that he has no interest in becoming Prime Minister.

Theresa May was also asked in an interview, and reacted with nervous laughter dismissing the notion of Rees-Mogg being given a cabinet position.

Conservative Party high command will soon begin to understand how Jacob Rees-Mogg will be a key figure in keeping the party in power and popular, especially when he is contrasted to Theresa May.

May, despite her talents as a minister, has fallen short of being a strong leader for the British people after leading the country into a snap General Election. Her party lost seats, instead of the dozens they ought to have won given polling.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a relatively unknown quantity when it comes to him as a top figure in the Tory Party, will now begin to turn many more heads, as the detached and docile leadership feel what is going on in the ground.


Jacob Rees-Mogg is a 48-year-old father-of-six who is married to Helena de Chair (2007). He is the son of Lord William Rees-Mogg, a hereditary peer in the House of Lords and also a former editor of The Times newspaper. Coming from a background of wealth and privilege, Rees-Mogg was educated at Eton College, an elite school most top politicians and mega-rich attended as youngsters, other alumni include Boris Johnson and David Cameron. The Oxford University graduate worked in the City of London for the Global Emerging Markets division of a wealth management firm prior to setting up his own company in 2007. Having held multiple unpaid roles in the Conservative Party, he had a failed bid at being an MP in 1997 in Central Fife before being elected the MP for North East Somerset. Since then he’s gained a reputation for being a humorous parliamentary speaker and being able to filibuster well. Politically, he is an old fashioned Tory and is often the butt of jokes for it, though he appears to revel in the reputation. He lives in a 1600s mansion called Gourney Court in West Harptree, Somerset.


On Wednesday, MEP and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage — A.K.A. Mr Brexit — hosted Rees-Mogg on his nightly LBC Radio show. The two appear to get on like a house on fire when it comes to personalities, politics and their critique of modern culture.

Specifically, Rees-Mogg again politely denied he had no interest in leading the Tory Party and being Prime Minister. He had very kind words for Mrs May, and insisted he supports her fully.

Rees-Mogg seems to be an old fashioned gentleman, and I doubt he would dive into this head first. It is my belief the Tory party will come to him, not the other way round, seeking a new high energy leader who appears to stand for something.

Lately, the upcoming star has created a Twitter account (which he didn’t even have, lol) and an Instagram. One could speculate he is on the march, but for what purpose?

He was always understood to be an excellent debater and videos have popped up of him in the past. Perhaps, now he is going to embrace what is a lifetime goal for every politician, to become the premier.

It’s practically sitting there, belly-up, waiting for him. When you think about it, there is little any other cabinet member has on him. He is new, fresh and appears to have some beliefs, as opposed to stale and worn our cabinet secretaries, who are very much part of the Westminster swamp.




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