A sex doll is more popular than REAL PROSTITUTES at an Austrian brothel

The plastic sex worker “Fanny” is doing better than living women at Kontakthof brothel in Vienna

A sex doll has become more popular than real prostitutes in an Austrian brothel — so the owner is doubling up his success and ordering another.

The £6,000 ($7,700) hooker known as Fanny rakes in around £72 per hour ($92) at the Kontakthof whore house in Vienna and can be booked for up to two days in advance.

The owners say they clean Fanny every time she is used but have not disclosed how exactly it’s done. Imagine how much of a horrendous job that would be. BOAK!

They are now adding another of the plastic sex workers to their staff and hope to repeat the success Fanny has brought to their organisation.

Look at this sexy chick. :S

What does this mean for men? Have men become so pathetic they would rather fuck a sex doll than a real Germanic hooker!?

Who knows, but one psychologist says it is a highly “autistic” trend amongst visitors to the brothel.

It’s not a good sign for men who look like they are getting even more cucked by the day in Europe and indeed across the West. Apparently, it’s getting even more popular.

This is the future of the Western beta male. Shagging plastic dolls. On one side, it’s good these people will not reproduce, but on the other side, we do need more Western men having babies.

Check it out:

Brothel shells out £6,000 for its second sex doll… after their first became MORE popular with customers than real women

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