A new hope emerges in Britain to challenge increasing Islamic terrorism, murder and child rape

Anne Marie Waters is standing for leadership of UKIP on a platform of exposing and stopping endemic Islamic crime — and to send a message that British society cannot tolerate this behaviour any longer

FORCES are rallying to stop an anti-Islam candidate becoming the new leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

Anne Marie Waters, along with 10 others, were accepted yesterday to run for party leadership following the resignation of Paul Nuttall MEP.

Waters, an openly gay woman, should be welcomed by the usual progressive media outlets in Britain which thrive off identity politics.

However, she is now to be subjected to a vast campaign of fake news — because she is standing on an specifically anti-Islam ticket.

English towns and cities where Islamic child rape gangs have been thwarted.

UKIP, Nigel Farage’s party that caused Britain to vote to leave the European Union, has become rudderless since Mr Brexit stepped down.

Waters provides a solid purpose to the party, which has a massive votership and following in the UK, despite electoral failures, mostly due to the voting system.

She is looking to combat the Islamisation of Britain, including the lack of investigation into Muslim child rape gangs, the 23,000 jihadists, Sharia Councils and more.

It is safe to say the problem with Muslim child rape gangs in the UK is endemic.

To stand against these problems in Britain is now a way to be chastised in the national media and political platforms as racist, bigoted and as an Islamophobe.

Waters is putting her head above the parapet and for that reason, the media will skewer her. But, she will win, the momentum is with her, and that is the politically correct lobby’s greatest fear.

Find out more about Anne Marie Waters here.

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John Woods

Written by John Woods

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