PROUD B-OI! – Weekly Playlist #4

10 faves of the week from the worlds of hardcore, Oi!, thrash, and beyond!

Detroit band Negative Approach, pioneers of hardcore.

Every Proud Boy is punk rock in spirit—whether they’ve never even listened to the Ramones or they used to panhandle for Colt 45s wearing a sleeveless Flux of Pink Indians t-shirt, a trihawk shaved into their head and a pet rat pooping on their shoulder. 

A mix of brand new shit, slightly stale shit, and classic shit that’s evolved into magic mushroom-making manure, here are our top 10 tracks of the week from the wide world of punk. (Press pause when the Bandcamp ones finish unless you wanna hear the whole record.)

DAVID NANCE – Negative Boogie


SLEEPIES – Barf Haus

THE SHITLICKERS – The Leader (of the Fuckin’ Assholes)

ESCØRT – Fuck Me Hard

WRATH – Warlord

GLUE – Hunger

THE MOB – Witch Hunt

ISS – The Gov’t Is After Me

FRANTIX – My Dad’s A Fuckin’ Alcoholic


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Greg Pike

Written by Greg Pike

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