He Will Not Divide Us Update

They Found Shia Again?

I figured they would. I should’ve known it would be this fast. Once these guys smell blood… First, Shia LaBeouf tried protesting Trump with a webcam on a city street. Then he tried putting up a “He Will Not Divide” us flag in various remote locations.

Shia Labeouf Is in a Cabin in Rural Finland and Still Getting Trolled

Shia Labeouf has started a new project with his art group, Luke Turner and Nastja Rönkko called #AloneTogether. The three are hidden away in an undisclosed location in the Finnish laplands sitting on a chair in separate cabins. They are connected to the outside world by livestreams pointed at each of their faces.

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Written by Robert Culkin

Robert Culkin

Robert always wanted to be the next Hunter S. Thompson; a legitimate Gonzo Journalist. He never quite got the writing part down, but as for the rest of it he did in spades. Follow him on Twitter @WakeAndBased.

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