80s Punks Predict Proud Boys vs. Alt-Right

Did they really? The answer is: no . . . but it sounds that way.

Yesterday our prophet Gavin McInnes (peace be upon him) made it very clear—we are not Alt-Right, alright?

Today listen to one of the all-time catchiest college radio no-hit wonders whose lyrics kinda-sorta foresaw the whole AR vs. PB thing way back in 1980 (key word: kinda-sorta).

Lyrics (slight variation)

[Alt-Right] guys are not Proud [Boys]

They’ll do it any time

[Alt-Right] guys do not care

They’ll stick it anywhere

[Alt-Right] guys are disgusting

They’re always lusting

[Alt-Right] guys are obscene

Vile and unclean

[Alt-Right] guys are such creeps

They’ll even do it with sheep


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Greg Pike

Written by Greg Pike

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