A couple weekends ago, over 150 Proud Boys from all North America saw fit to meet up in Las Vegas and party hard for the weekend. From Los Angeles to Ottawa, from North Carolina to New York, Proud Boys of all creeds, colors, and sexual orientations, came face-to-face with each other, and completely ran the city of Las Vegas for two days. This came to be known as WestFest.

From the gratuitous amounts of alcohol and cocaine, to the immortalization of “Room 5710” in the Trump International Hotel, to the river of black and yellow Fred Perrys floating down the Las Vegas strip, the Proud Boys made themselves well-known that weekend. Even though most of us were not from Las Vegas (with the exception of the Las Vegas Chapter), we all felt like we belonged there.

There was a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. We were meant to be there. The camaraderie was palpable, and guys we had never met before were instantly recognized as brothers. Though, the conversations weren’t always the most well-versed political rhetoric. 

“What chapter are you from?”

“Los Angeles, how about you?”

“North Carolina, pleasure to meet you brother”

“Same here man, you like blow?”

“Don’t mind if I do!”

Normal pleasantries fell to the wayside, because even though we hadn’t all met before, we all knew each other on a fundamental level. We knew that we were going to be good friends through the weekend, because we are part of the same fraternity. We all were proud Western chauvinists, and we were not going to apologize for creating the modern world.  

Jesus, what a fucking beautiful thing.  

Gavin McInnes (peace be upon him) was far ahead of his time in creating this organization, and he has given so many men across the country a sense of belonging. This was evident in Las Vegas, and it will continue to be evident at meet-ups across the country. Gavin is one of many heroes in the war against liberalism, and I speak for everyone when I say, “Thanks, Gavin. We won’t fuck it up.”

While WestFest was an absolute rollercoaster of new people, new substances, and new experiences, it was also a huge occasion for the Proud Boys. Never before in our organization had so many gentlemen of a similar mindset gathered together in unison to celebrate both Western chauvinism and America itself, the greatest country in the world. Although it was amazing, it isn’t over. Throughout the country, Proud Boys are meeting up, building chapters, and recruiting new gentlemen who are just as tired of this liberal disease as the rest of us.  

WestFest was the refresher that was needed to reinvigorate the organization. We have already been through so much, and have come out clean on the other side. Through all of the bigotry that pours out of the left, and through all of the accusations of racism, sexism, and Nazism that have been thrown on our backs, we shook it off. We persevered, and we are a stronger organization as a direct result.  

Do we troll the left? Yes. But are we TRYING to upset them? Well . . . um . . . yes. But still, fuck ‘em.

They control almost all of the media, almost all of academia, and almost every “new” social construct that is shoved down our throats on a weekly basis. If they get to make up science and say that there are 68 genders, then we can gather and talk about what complete idiots they are.

Someone has to stand up for common sense. Proud Boys is exactly that someone.

We know who we are, and we know what we stand for. We stand against liberal injustices. We stand against those who stifle free speech. We stand against those who would guide this country by any other means than the Constitution of the United States. We are Western chauvinists, and we refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.   

We are the Proud Boys. We’re proud, and we fucking know it.


Willie is the president of the Charlotte, NC Proud Boys Chapter. Follow him on Twitter @ammonswr

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