VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: NBC put on Blast for Tastelessly Filming a Man Fighting for his Life

Scary Moment as “March Against Sharia” Turns Ugly when Media get closes up of a man who collapsed

I was with my fellow Proud Boys who were front and center at the national march organized by ACT for America to educate Americans on the lack of compatibility of Sharia Law with the American Constitution and our way of life.

The New York City  event was at Foley Square , Frank Morganthaler, Gavin McInnes, Laura Loomer, Pax Hart, Chadwick Moore and Pawl Bazile shared the line up of speakers who took to the stage enlightening the masses on the perils of Sharia Law. As Bazile point blank said in his speech ” your in the land of Budweiser and bikinis, for God’s sake”  the crowd cheered, and damn, I could have used a cold beer.

One of the speakers Frank Morganthaler the VP of the New York City Oath Keepers had medical emergency during the event, while the EMS were performing CPR the fake news media were trying to set up their cameras instead of trying to help.


I found this reprehensible.
His fellow Oath Keepers held American flags over him to keep the heat off while the medical staff worked and the media was tasteless trying to get as close as possible as veterans pleaded with them to show respect and not film.  A man fought for his life and the tasteless mainstream media were caught swarming around him life vultures.  EMTs performed compression and were joined by members of the crowd telling to so call “journalists” to show some respect.

Proud Boys wish Frank a speedy recovery. # POYB

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