Rebel With a Cause

Earlier this year I wrote an op-ed for Proud Boy Magazine entitled “Just Another Brick in the Paywall” which conveyed my deepest dissatisfaction for the main stream media. I now have a new found attraction of the subscriber based paywall sites that are currently overtaking the main stream because this” new media” is unhindered by commercial advertisers.

The top rated programs such as Compound Media’s own (TACS) The Anthony Cumia Show, (TGMS) The Gavin McInnes Show, (NYCCR) New York City Crime Report, as well as other networks such as InfoWars, and Louder with Crowder are exploding in popularity and along with it The Rebel Media.

The Rebel Media (often stylized as is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was founded by former Sun News Network media personality, conservative political activist, broadcaster, commentator, and columnist Ezra Levant in February 2015. In event you are not familiar with Ezra Levant, he is a completely 100% “fearless” individual that you should definitely be watching, reading, listening to and following on Twitter.

Ezra is definitely a rebel… a rebel with a cause. “Levant argued that his online production would be unencumbered by the regulatory and distribution difficulties faced by Sun News Network and that its much lower production costs would make it more viable”. Ezra Levant was correct, as of January 2017, the YouTube channel of the Rebel Media had grown to more than 500K subscribers and  of today its +640K strong and growing. Personally watching the Rebel grow since day one and as each day passes the videos hit harder as the journalist’s dig deeper and the content is pumped out super fast  and its actually quite a ride and fun!

I would suggest that all Proud Boys and Proud Boy’s Girls  subscribe to The Rebel Media website newsletter and YouTube channel so you can stay up to date on all things Rebel. And if you want more Rebel fun check out many of the  premium content shows such as The Ezra Levant Show, On The Hunt with Faith Goldy, Culture Wars with Tiffany Gabbay,The Sensible Enviromentalist (hosted by Patrick Moore) and last but not least How’s It Going Eh? hosted by our very own “fearless” Proud Boy founder and leader Gavin McInnes. With hard hitting cultural contributors like these and new ones being added to the roster regularly I.E. Caolan Robertson and Tommy Robinson how could you possibly go wrong?

The Rebel Media definitely recognizes that the West is the Best and  do not apologize for creating the modern world, something all Proud Boys and Proud Girls can enjoy.
“Rebel Rebel, how could they know?
Hot tramp, I love you so!” – David Bowie
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Franklin Wright

Written by Franklin Wright

Digital Media Strategist, Researcher, and Staff Writer @ Proud Boy Magazine Cinematographer @ New Measure Productions, Appearances on TGMS, French TV Canal+ Complement d' enquete. A 100% Proud Boy. Follow him on @ProudboyUSA.

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