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Opinion: Craven liberals are secretly thrilled at the death of Heather Heyer

The tragic alleged murder will mobilise the useful idiots of the liberal establishments across the West

John Woods writes on the hysterical reaction from top liberals, who have dismissed the notion of left-wing violence if it is against people they perceive supporting fascism. What will the toleration of leftist violence mean for conservatives?

The hypothesis of the liberal is that America, and indeed the whole of the West, is infested with Nazis, and drastic measures need to be taken.

So desperate have they been to prove this theory that one can be accused of being a proponent of Hitler’s national socialism simply disagreeing with progressive dogma.

It is reminiscent of old Europe where malicious witch-hunts and inquisitions to root out heretics could be executed by the powers at be. These were bloodthirsty hunts, often spiralling completely out of control.

The slightest of misdemeanour could have one accused of witchcraft and be hauled off to a kangaroo court.

Right now, the liberal left is acting like judge, jury and executioner when it comes to the great inquisition to smoke out “fascists”.

Indeed, a gathering took place in Charlottesville including those who identify as alt-right and appear to be national socialists.

The Proud Boys disavowed Unite The Right long before it happened, and had nothing to do with this event in Charlottesville. Read more about our take on the event here.

The reality is, some were fascists but some were just civilians angry that a historical statue is being torn down in what looks like mob rule.

However, the left has been so desperate in their grievance to find someone to justify their theory that America is a ticking time bomb of Nazism, that they seem to be orgasming at the fact there is something that could fit their hypothesis, with the horrific alleged murder of Heather Heyer. In fact, liberals actually seem thrilled at this death, and are acting in ecstasy, empowered with excitement to tackle those who are on the “other side”.

Heather Heyer’s mother, who has praised POTUS for his remarks on Heather, pictured with a photo of she and her daughter.

There will be a trial and the truth will come out about the incredibly sad death of Heather, but let us consider for now this was indeed an act of terrorism.

So, one of this 200-strong alt-right group has committed a murder. This appears to have trumped all reason, and established the notion from liberal leftists that there was no violence committed by the leftist side, and that all blame for violence at the rally is to be attributed to the alt-right.

Does this then admonish any who committed crimes against the supposed alt-right at this rally? Does this leniency of criticism extend to the court of law?

This mob rule is now being supported by high profile left-wing law-makers across Europe.

By insisting all blame must go on the alt-right, it relinquishes blame from the alt-left, even though violence was being carried out by the alt-left.

All those who carried out acts of violence should be dealt with according to the law of the land, but it looks the law no longer applies to one, if they are fighting those who are understood to be followers of National Socialism, or the wider alt-right.

Does this then mean that we can, without any repercussions, attack the alt-right?

The liberal left wishes to stop the rise of fascism by using fascism: violent harassment of those they disagree with, with an underlying support from the press, police, courts and politicians.

What predictions can one make in wake of this event? Well, the most obvious one is that more violence will occur. Using the new poster girl of the “struggle” against fascism, more will be radicalised to fight the alt-right. If they are not going to be punished or criticised for their actions, why would they fear this gallant endeavour? In fact, they would believe themselves to be benevolent and heroic to battle against such evil.

The trouble extends further, because the term “alt-right” has been bundled around for a while and has been used to describe the young, vibrant MAGA-hat-wearing new conservatives who helped President Trump get elected in the USA — but this massive swathe of people are more rightly referred to as the alt-lite. And, even the alt-lite is such a wide encompassing group of libertarians, traditionalists, conservatives and even some left-wing people, believe it or not, that it is difficult to define properly.

The Proud Boys value tradition, and like our forefathers who fought in World War II, despise fascism.

What is clear, though, is the alt-lite is an umbrella term for lovers of freedom, like those who actually fought the real Nazis back in World War Two.

The official Alt-Right is actually nothing to do with conservatism and represents a socialist movement based around white ethnicity, with radical beliefs about what should “be done” with non-whites. There are some areas the alt-lite and alt-right agree with, such as troubles with Islam. But, the alt-lite lacks the hatred that oozes out of the alt-right, such as the racism, anti-antisemitism and homophobia, to name some. The alt-lite is probably the single most tolerant and welcoming group out there when it comes to giving people their freedoms — they just have a deep respect for the rule of law which is being abused by so many across the West.

So, back to the main issue, the problem is that there will be an onslaught against any who are on the real right-wing of politics, and as well as those in the fascist-leaning alt-right. It will not end well, because such violence will only further divide citizens of the Western world. Due to the strenuous pigeon-holing of identity, and the ruthless nature of these witch hunts, it will become incredibly easy to polarise the whole debate. If genuine conservatives become the target of leftist witch-hunts they will provoke a reaction and in a sense be forced to fight against the enemy of the alt-right. We already know how delusional and crazed Antifa is, and this will only empower them, now they know the law (even more so) does not apply to them.

This is who the liberal establishment is emboldening, mob rule by radical leftists.

Of course, that is just a dystopian prediction, but you can see how an already divided United States of America could spiral into another brutal civil war, if institutional tolerance of violence against those the liberal left believe to be Nazis goes ahead.

By insisting there is no equivalent to the Nazis, it legitimises violence against those who are PERCEIVED to be alt-right and Nazis, which is a huge number of innocent people. There are thousands of social media users supporting this big lie, here’s a handful.



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John Woods

Written by John Woods

John Woods is the Europe Editor of Proud Boys Magazine, covering the craziness of political correctness, radical Islam and more. Follow him on Twitter @realJohnWoods.

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