Why Does the Left Fight Made-Up Enemies?

The left’s hostility is fueled by sexist Nazi boogeymen

On June 6, 1944, over 160-thousand Allied troops landed along roughly 50 miles of heavily fortified and defended coastline, engaging German forces in Normandy, France. The unified effort from the Allied forces fought a battle-seasoned and readily apparent enemy. I must emphasize the word “apparent.” It seems like something that should normally go unstated. Any enemy SHOULD be apparent in order to fight it. For reasons beyond my comprehension, however, the left continually abstains from this requirement. They don’t need to know who their enemy is, they simply fabricate villains to fuel their insatiable animosity.

Every argument or cause or rally on the left is for some ideological movement against something that doesn’t exist. “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” Of course they do. You are screaming obvious things, while holding signs that read obvious things. And I’m lost. As Ben Shapiro said in a debate with Black Lives Matter back in August 2015, “I want to find the people alongside you who think black lives don’t matter. I’m still looking for those people.” The enemy is one that just doesn’t exist on any real level.

Are there backwoods assholes that are racist in this day and age? Absolutely—although quite rare. Do they fuck their sisters?  Absolutely—supposedly it’s quite common. But that isn’t who the BLM folks are after. They want to go after police officers. They want to go after storefront windows. Tell me, who the FUCK is the actual enemy?

Take a look at Antifa. Would anyone argue that they are NOT a leftist organization? I agree, it’s obvious. Now, who do they claim as their enemy? Fascists.

Well I’ll be damned. It looks like we agree with Antifa. We also have a great distaste for fascism.  

Wish we could support you, though, because it looks as though your organization (despite the name) doesn’t have any idea what fascism actually is. In most sizable cities across the country, your basement-dwelling troops imply that the U.S. is being led by a fascist dictator, Donald Trump. Ironically, you do this on a public street, with dozens (if not hundreds) of protesters surrounding you, yelling through a megaphone.

If instead of President Trump, we had Prime Minister Mussolini, do you think you’d even be able to protest that way? Don’t you think Mussolini would have the authorities halt the dissent? Not only that, but he would probably make a gruesome example of you and your friends, in order to dissuade people in the future from making the same mistake. Can you even be serious and call President Trump a “fascist dictator,” when you have the freedom to express that opinion through a megaphone?

Get a hold of yourselves, you fucking nancies. It’s called “entitlement.” You and your friends have it oozing out your ears. Antifa and all of its members are increasingly and gapingly butt-hurt, probably because they were raised to believe that their feelings actually mean something significant in the real world. They believe that fascism is afoot, and that anything that hurts their feelings is fascist.

The enemy that they say exists, doesn’t. There is quite literally no reason for their organization to exist. It’s just noise without a purpose.

This also carries over for Antifa’s claims of “Nazis” being a prominent issue in today’s society. It just isn’t true. Are there a small handful of racist shitbags that exist somewhere in the backwoods? Sure as shit there are. Do they fuck their cousins? Likely. We pointed those facts out earlier. So if they aren’t after the tiny number of “Nazis” living in the woods somewhere, who are they after? They are after the proverbial Nazi that you encounter every day in your lives. The Nazi in the subway, the Nazi in front of you at the ATM, the Nazi who handed you your Junior Bacon Cheese Burger through the window at Wendy’s. That’s who they’re after.

Oh, what’s that? You have never seen any of those Nazis? That’s because they don’t exist. They just don’t. Antifa wants them to exist, so that they can make themselves the victims. But because they don’t exist, Antifa wantonly decides who’s a Nazi. Once someone is labeled a Nazi, Antifa feels they no longer have the right to speech or safety any longer. 

Feminism is another example of a cause that claims to be noble. It claims to fight the injustices of inequality and so on, and yet it doesn’t seem like it’s about equality anymore. The enemies of feminism include: companies paying women 77 cents on the dollar that men earn, housewives, and also: biology itself.

Spoiler alert: the main gist of feminism is to shit on men. That’s pretty much it. Whether it is to blur the lines between men and women, or to constantly feel like they need to compete with men in things like military combat, it is all a complete fucking waste of time. For starters, the pay gap doesn’t exist, and has been shown time and again to simply be the result of looking at one statistic, rather than the collective. This article in Forbes Magazine by Karin Agness Lips explains quite well why the pay gap is a myth.

They also seem to have beef with men who work while their wives stay at home with the kids. I happen to be one of these men. I can tell you from my own experience, that my wife and I wouldn’t have it any other way, not to mention that the support that my boys get from their mother is wonderful. I am not oppressing her. She is not “trapped.” That is retarded nonsense, and just isn’t the case. Now while I can’t speak for ALL stay-at-home moms, I can only presume given human history that the majority of them feel the same way about the situation as my wife does. They wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Finally: biology. Men and women are different. This is not new news, and this is easily verifiable using basic biology. Yet if you say this to a feminist, you are a bigoted and sexist piece of shit. Hell, you might even be a Nazi. All joking aside, this is quite literally a sidestep on part of the feminist movement, around common sense and simple logic. It is sheer lunacy.  

The left has no legitimate or tangible enemy besides their feelings themselves. And if they aren’t completely satisfied with their current situation, or what you are saying, or what you are wearing, or who you voted for, they are entitled to feel violated. And if they feel violated, even by words or your vote, well, then they consider themselves assaulted. If you have “assaulted” them, then of course they have the right to defend themselves. If that means hitting you in the head with a bike lock while you are “assaulting” their ears with your words, then so be it. What are they SUPPOSED to do? Are they just supposed to just stand there and listen like a rational adult, and then formulate an opinion and move on?  

Yes. That’s what normal people do.

Willie is the president of the Charlotte, NC Proud Boys Chapter. Follow him on Twitter @ammonswr

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