The Kurds have caught young Brit Jack Letts who left England to fight for Islamic State.

British ‘Jihadi Jack’ should face execution like the rest of the Islamic State filth.

Jack Letts, 21, from Oxford, travelled to Syria at the age of 18 to fight with Islamic State.

The Islam convert has even fathered a child and married in Iraq (likely an ISIS bride).

Now his parents are appealing to the UK Government after he was caught by the Kurds fighting against the Islamic State.

They claim their son is innocent—but the Kurdish authorities say otherwise, and have imprisoned the young man.

Islamic State has been on a brutal campaign, murdering children, women, men, and all civilians who do not comply to them. The murder count is currently unknown, but likely to be astronomical when statistics are produced. Islamic State fighters captured 3,500 women to use as sex slaves—an actual rape culture. The global influence of IS has resulted in more than 90 attacks killing 1,400. It’s purpose is to implement an eighth century version of Sharia Law, the Islamic system of governance.

We British can only thank the Kurds for catching this treacherous convert to the caliphate.

Like many others, he was probably trying to make a return to our islands, to resume his life as if nothing happened.

The left in Britain, the liberals, the bleeding-heart do-gooders, have the audacity to go on television and demand these hundreds of turncoats be able to return.

The situation is presented well on Sky News’ The Pledge.

The fact is, if they return, they will be safe, as our authorities have no idea who has been fighting for ISIS.

It is understood that more than 800 have made it back into Britain, back as celebrity war heroes from the Islamic caliphate.

The way we simply allow people to get back in is a great national embarrassment for Britain and the European states,

With the case of Jack Letts, the government must be merciless, and have him face what miserable fate the Kurds have for him.

Make no mistake, the Kurdish people and authorities are strong, embrace masculinity and will hammer down justice upon the remnants of the evil Islamic State.

The UK Government’s Foreign Office has released a promising statement in relation to Jack Letts: “The government is unable to provide support to British nationals in Syria as the UK government does not have consular representation there.”

In an ideal world we could see him brutally executed on a podium. Perhaps being hung, drawn and quartered? A hanging would probably suffice, but either way, the public needs to feel JUSTICE has been done. Right now, it’s impossible to feel as if any justice is underway for these Islamic State converts.


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John Woods

Written by John Woods

John Woods is the Europe Editor of Proud Boys Magazine, covering the craziness of political correctness, radical Islam and more. Follow him on Twitter @juanwoods11.


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