A long time ago, in a galaxy FAR, FAR away…

Woops! I mean here. This galaxy. Today. And yesterday. As well as yesterday’s yesterday—the Proud Boys getting called “far-right.”

What a loaded word. Far. The implication: disconnected. Removed. Out there. Off in the distance. Totally gone. Way out in left right field.

The first link that appears when I Google “Proud Boys” is Wikipedia, which describes us as a “far-right men’s organization.” Further, Wiki’s page about “far-right politics” explicitly associates the term (and, by proxy, the Proud Boys) with “Nazism, neo-Nazism, fascism, neo-fascism and other ideologies or organizations that feature extreme nationalist, chauvinist, xenophobic, racist or reactionary views.”

Well, we are chauvinists—unapologetically guilty as charged, your honor. The rest, however, is bullshit. Plus, weren’t the Nazis on the far-left?

As far as I know, few, if any, Proud Boys self-identify as FAR-right. Simply right-wing? Sure. Alt-right? Absolutely not. Conservative? Correct. Some are Democrats. Most are libertarians. I know I am. I’m even socially liberal by some measures.

Using the term “far” is a tactic academics refer to as “othering.” See that speck in the distance, totally disconnected from anything and everything to do with us? Far, far away from the norm. You’d need a spaceship to get all the way out there. Good. Let’s keep them at a safe distance.

Tweaking the terminology pushes us to the fringes. And repetition reinforces the effectiveness of their lexiconic malice. Now, according to Wiki, and any of our friends and family members who curiously Google “Proud Boys,” here we sit in La-La Land beside unaffiliated extremists like a buncha dumb-dumbs with our fingers lodged far up our butts.

For the left, any amount of right-wing is too much right-wing.

Here are just a few examples in which the Proud Boys are described as far-right and lumped in with boneheads:

Violence Breaks Out As FarRight Groups Protest In Toronto

What Do The Proud Boys Want? The Far-Right Group Celebrates Its Own Toxic Masculinity

Your Handy Field Guide to the Many Factions of the Far Right

Sure, there are some groups for whom the term FAR-right is probably accurate. Wearing Nazi armbands in the isolated woods of Oregon? Yeah, you could be considered pretty far out there, for sure.

But that’s not our reality. Lazy journalists know that. Yet they deliberately use loose definitions and broad brush strokes to discredit and distance us from legitimacy.

Truth is, the Proud Boys aren’t far-anything. We’re actually very close to the ideals of sitcom television just two decades ago. That ain’t far. That’s most living rooms in America. We’re also standing right in front of the BBQ cooking steaks in the backyard. We’re drinking Buds with our buds. We’re basically your dad. And leftists love shitting on their dads.

We venerate the housewife and glorify the entrepreneur.

Whoah. Pretty far out, maaaan.

We think the West is the best.

Too far. Chill your dick, dude.

We believe in minimal government, maximum freedom, anti-political correctness, anti-drug war, anti-masturbation, closed borders, anti-racial guilt, anti-racism, free speech, and gun rights.

We’re not far-right. We’re right here. And we’re right.



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Greg Pike

Written by Greg Pike

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