EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Liberal Journalist Steals Phone and Hurts Woman at a Protest

We spoke with Jovi Val about the Vice contributor arrested for stealing his property

At Columbia University in New York, activist and Proud Boy Jovi Val was assaulted by a mob of Alt- Left thugs.  Val is best know as the person mutilated with a bottle for wearing a MAGA hat the night of Milo’s book release in NYC.  On October 30th during a live stream outside the school a man stole the phone hurting a woman’s arm in the process.  The suspect who was arrested turned out to be 30-year-old Arvind Dilawar, a self described “anarchist” with ties to domestic terrorist-Bernie-lovers known as “Antifa”.  He also happens to write for extreme left blogs Vice, Newsweek, and The Guardian.


We Spoke with Jovi Val for more:



Just give us a run down on what happened that night


Well I arrive at the protest and it’s blocked off by police and antifa. So we walked around to a street entrance, as soon as they saw my hat and flag they were triggered. I had no idea I was walking into a group of maybe 40 antifa mixed with Columbia students


Was the guy in full Antifa black bloc attire?


They crowd around us and took my hat off my head. As soon as they did that I looked back, grabbed it from one of those cucks and pushed him towards the bushes l. That’s when they decided to chant and push us out the campus.

Yes he was all black with a black bandana around his face. Most of them were.

They then chanted “Get Off Our Campus Nazi” and I told them “Free speech!”

That’s when Campus PD intervened and helped push us out the campus for our safety.

As I was being pushed out I told them “Take off your mask” but they just laughed and the campus PD pushed us out the gate. The moment he slammed the gate someone grabbed my phone from Fabiana who was recording at the time l yelled “That guy took my phone!” But they all laughed and thought I deserved to be robbed because I’m a “fascist”


How long did it take for the police to get your phone back?


Campus PD knabbed the culprit but before I knew anything I just waved the flag and said “You’re all ameriphobic afraid of this!!” Then an officer in street clothes told me to follow him but I was so paranoid I thought it was another set up. So I told him to show me his badge before we take another step. Fabiana told the crowd she a calling her father who’s a cop and some little fucking cuck called her a pig. I wanted to choke that little bitch but she just said to the police “A guy the size of my Leg just called me a pig”

Ha ha but the police gave me my phone 10 minutes after the antifa ran away with it. As me and Fabiana waited in the back of a squad car we saw him getting arrested.

Indian guy about 5’7 slim build.  Once we arrived at the station they gave me my phone and Fabiana filled a report.  The NYPD also gave us some food while we waited and some ice for her wrist.

After that we just met up with Cernovich.

It wasn’t until today around noon a fellow PB from Texas broke the story of who the culprit was a journalist who contributed to Vice, Newsweek, Gothamist and Guardian.

Arvind Ditawar.

David Phaup broke the story then Cernovich RT


Who is Fabiana?


The girl I used to run around with.  Bizzuca on Instagram

Newsweek, Vice and the Guardian have refused to comment at the time.

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