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    Cucked cops fed chips to illegal immigrant and post virtue signalling selfie

    CRINGE-WORTHY cops in Britain have posted a grinning selfie with an illegal immigrant they picked up. The Leicestershire Police officers seemed to take great delight feeding the starving African who they said had not eaten in days. This is just another hideously cuckold moment for the British police – especially when you consider how President […] More

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    Yo wagwan bredren? This dude has been a major bumdaclot ‘gainst the Proud Boys and myself. This fucking sack of shit Evans Feite has been calling me and the Proud Boys hateful and racist. Fuck this dude. Let’s break it down. FUCK THIS DUDE REASON #1 Total fag. Not in the actual gay way, obvs. […] More

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    PHOTOS: (Warning:Graphic) 13 Shocking Photos of MS13 Crimes

    “There’s a spark of Divinity in every person on Earth, and that we all have to recognize that as we respect the dignity and worth of every person.” ~ Nancy Pelosi Democrats have rushed to the defense of the brutal MS13 gang this week after President Trump referred to them as “animals.” In the interest […] More

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    Proud Boys pull off Crazy Boat Party in NYC

    A few weeks ago the New York City Proud Boys had members from all over the world join them on a private yacht and did a tour around Manhattan. As covered in DANGEROUS, the boys were joined by Gavin McInnes, Pat Dixon, Martina Markota, and Milo Yiannopoulos. Milo and Gavin stood up in front of […] More

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    14 Questions to ask Silly Liberals

    1. If you believe that the US sends too many people to prison, then how should we punish those who violate gun laws? Does more gun control mean sending more people to prison? 2. Why are feminists in favor of gun control? Shouldn’t all women have the right to carry a concealed weapon, as guns […] More

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    EXCLUSIVE: “12 Rules for Life” Event Review

    I cagily stood in front of the famed venue — The Beacon Theatre (est. 1929 — also the same year that the Wall Street Crash occurred and the Academy Awards began, which is completely unrelated and irrelevant to the rest of this piece but there’s your history lesson for today). I was awfully expectant. I […] More

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    The Latest Casualty in the Culture Wars

      If you were to google Owen Benjamin a few months ago, you most likely would have been sent over to YouTube to watch some of his Comedy Central specials that have views in the hundreds of thousands. In the past few months, however, the comedian and virtuosic pianist had been focusing on building an […] More

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    PROUD BOY OF THE WEEK: Chef Michael Hunter

    Throughout all of human history butchering and consuming meat has connected cultures. African, American Indian, Asian, European, and Island societies have survived and expanded because of their relationship with protein since before the written word. In Toronto Canada vegan’s were shocked went a restaurant was serving meat. Protests raged outside the Antler Kitchen & Bar […] More

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    Why the SPLC is a Hate Group

    When the John Birch Society’s flagship publication “The New American” is described by the group calling itself the“Southern Poverty Law Center” as a “patriot group” (i.e. “Hate Group”), it’s a sure sign that the TNA and JBS struck a nerve. TNA, despite its obvious bias as a nationalist/constitutionalist/libertarian publication (not at all a bad thing), […] More

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    VIDEO: Pawl Bazile Talks Proud Boys on Milo

    I called into the Milo Show to discuss the Proud Boys with Milo Yiannopoulos. We went over the members, the degrees, and spoke about what we can do to further the culture. Mathew Lyons was a Proud Boy who’s funeral was shut down after his mother was harassed by crazed Antifa trolls who pretended Matt […] More

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    Shapiro takes on Roseanne

      Roseanne is back, and the hit show’s reboot premiere had 18.2 million people across the country in stitches. Receiving love letters from critics, Roseanne is America’s new favorite Trump-supporting working class mom dealing with her daffy liberal family. The show has already been picked up for another season and conservatives are eating it up […] More

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    Islam Motivated the Florida Triple Stabbing

      17-year-old accused killer Corey Johnson is facing charges of murder in the first degree for his stabbing spree last Monday in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. The rampage left 13-year-old Jovanni Brand dead, and 13 year old Dane Bancroft and his mother Elaine Simon hospitalized with multiple stab wounds. Reports are saying that Johnson targeted […] More

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