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    Strike While The Irony is Hot

    There are two types of people in this world: those who want to be left alone and those who won’t leave them the fuck alone – Gavin McInnes

    It has been an annoyingly frustrating week for Proud Boys. Last week, the Southern Poverty Law Center published an article called “Do You Want Bigots, Gavin? Because This How You Get Bigots” in where they cite yours truly as one of the main sources.

    Yeah, right.

    Their evidence on my supposed bigotry is culled from an article I wrote two months ago called “I Got My Mind Set on Jews: Questioning the JQ” (the title is a reference to this George Harrison song) in where I CRITICIZE the Alt-Right and their obsession with Jews. Somehow, the SPLC was able to spin it and make it fit their narrative.

    This is a new level of retarded. But it gets better; the SPLC are also part of the joke police. Here’s the deal: Mike Enoch runs The Daily Stormer, which by its own accounts is a neo-Nazi website, which landed him a cushy spot on the recent ADL hate watch list. Enoch is apparently from my hometown of Montclair, NJ. I made a JOKE (which I still stand by) in this Tweet. Hell, even in the tweet I state “I don’t share his antisemitism.” But the SPLC ran with it, anything for the narrative.

    OK, you want to play dirty pool? Let’s do it. Using SPLC logic (which is some of the best rationale the left has these days) I’m outting David Cross as a Nazi! Yeah you heard me! The guy from Mr. Show and Arrested Development is a Nazi with a capital N A Z I!

    How did I find out? Easy.
    1) David Cross and Gavin McInnes are FRIENDS! Strike one motherfucker.
    2) Me and David are in a photo together!

    And 3) since the SPLC counts obvious jokes as cold, concrete evidence – check out this SMOKING GUN!


    (In the event that David Cross is litigious, I use some Salon.com / Village Voice style backpedaling. I want it to be known that like David Cross is TOTALLY like not a neo nazi, like for reals)

    OK, back to the week at hand.

    Unite the Right was a total, to use one of my dad’s catchphrases, “bonehead move.” We are at a point now where anything I would add to the discussion has already been said. Proud Boys officially denounced this shit two months ago and also this week, but still the narrative persists. Somehow without even being there we’re still roped into this mess. It wasn’t too long ago that a prominent Alt-Right figure said that Proud Boys were a “bunch of race mixing faggots.” They hate us because we let in blacks, Hispanics, homos, Jews and Sal Cipolla.

    Furthermore, in own personal life, friends I’ve known for years have backed away from me because they don’t want to end up like David Cross and be known for having a Nazi buddy.

    To which I say to my former friends, the Alt-Right (except Travis LeBlanc) and various members of bands I will NEVER listen to again like Operation Ivy a whole-hearted FUCK YOU!

    Jim Goad, as well as my girlfriend have both told me to take a “I don’t give a fuck what you call me” attitude. And they’re right. I am no stranger to controversy, but this is the least amount of work I’ve done to gain such infamy.

    So I’m fighting every urge to respond to people and doing my best to become a social isolationist. When Proud Boys first began last year, this was supposed to be a goofy men’s club. I want to get back to that and do dumb shit like have sexy car washes where we all have our beer guts out and wear short shorts and wash cars to raise money for charity. The media came at us from day one and we all fell right into their trap. The riots in Berkeley didn’t help either since that lumped us into the Fraternal Order of the Alt Knights. No offense to Kyle Chapman and that crew, but you’re not Proud Boys. You’re your own thing.

    I know I’m breaking the no screencap rule, but fuck it, I want to leave you with something Gavin said earlier this summer:


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    Opinion: Craven liberals are secretly thrilled at the death of Heather Heyer

    John Woods writes on the hysterical reaction from top liberals, who have dismissed the notion of left-wing violence if it is against people they perceive supporting fascism. What will the toleration of leftist violence mean for conservatives?

    The hypothesis of the liberal is that America, and indeed the whole of the West, is infested with Nazis, and drastic measures need to be taken.

    So desperate have they been to prove this theory that one can be accused of being a proponent of Hitler’s national socialism simply disagreeing with progressive dogma.

    It is reminiscent of old Europe where malicious witch-hunts and inquisitions to root out heretics could be executed by the powers at be. These were bloodthirsty hunts, often spiralling completely out of control.

    The slightest of misdemeanour could have one accused of witchcraft and be hauled off to a kangaroo court.

    Right now, the liberal left is acting like judge, jury and executioner when it comes to the great inquisition to smoke out “fascists”.

    Indeed, a gathering took place in Charlottesville including those who identify as alt-right and appear to be national socialists.

    The Proud Boys disavowed Unite The Right long before it happened, and had nothing to do with this event in Charlottesville. Read more about our take on the event here.

    The reality is, some were fascists but some were just civilians angry that a historical statue is being torn down in what looks like mob rule.

    However, the left has been so desperate in their grievance to find someone to justify their theory that America is a ticking time bomb of Nazism, that they seem to be orgasming at the fact there is something that could fit their hypothesis, with the horrific alleged murder of Heather Heyer. In fact, liberals actually seem thrilled at this death, and are acting in ecstasy, empowered with excitement to tackle those who are on the “other side”.

    Heather Heyer’s mother, who has praised POTUS for his remarks on Heather, pictured with a photo of she and her daughter.

    There will be a trial and the truth will come out about the incredibly sad death of Heather, but let us consider for now this was indeed an act of terrorism.

    So, one of this 200-strong alt-right group has committed a murder. This appears to have trumped all reason, and established the notion from liberal leftists that there was no violence committed by the leftist side, and that all blame for violence at the rally is to be attributed to the alt-right.

    Does this then admonish any who committed crimes against the supposed alt-right at this rally? Does this leniency of criticism extend to the court of law?

    This mob rule is now being supported by high profile left-wing law-makers across Europe.

    By insisting all blame must go on the alt-right, it relinquishes blame from the alt-left, even though violence was being carried out by the alt-left.

    All those who carried out acts of violence should be dealt with according to the law of the land, but it looks the law no longer applies to one, if they are fighting those who are understood to be followers of National Socialism, or the wider alt-right.

    Does this then mean that we can, without any repercussions, attack the alt-right?

    The liberal left wishes to stop the rise of fascism by using fascism: violent harassment of those they disagree with, with an underlying support from the press, police, courts and politicians.

    What predictions can one make in wake of this event? Well, the most obvious one is that more violence will occur. Using the new poster girl of the “struggle” against fascism, more will be radicalised to fight the alt-right. If they are not going to be punished or criticised for their actions, why would they fear this gallant endeavour? In fact, they would believe themselves to be benevolent and heroic to battle against such evil.

    The trouble extends further, because the term “alt-right” has been bundled around for a while and has been used to describe the young, vibrant MAGA-hat-wearing new conservatives who helped President Trump get elected in the USA — but this massive swathe of people are more rightly referred to as the alt-lite. And, even the alt-lite is such a wide encompassing group of libertarians, traditionalists, conservatives and even some left-wing people, believe it or not, that it is difficult to define properly.

    The Proud Boys value tradition, and like our forefathers who fought in World War II, despise fascism.

    What is clear, though, is the alt-lite is an umbrella term for lovers of freedom, like those who actually fought the real Nazis back in World War Two.

    The official Alt-Right is actually nothing to do with conservatism and represents a socialist movement based around white ethnicity, with radical beliefs about what should “be done” with non-whites. There are some areas the alt-lite and alt-right agree with, such as troubles with Islam. But, the alt-lite lacks the hatred that oozes out of the alt-right, such as the racism, anti-antisemitism and homophobia, to name some. The alt-lite is probably the single most tolerant and welcoming group out there when it comes to giving people their freedoms — they just have a deep respect for the rule of law which is being abused by so many across the West.

    So, back to the main issue, the problem is that there will be an onslaught against any who are on the real right-wing of politics, and as well as those in the fascist-leaning alt-right. It will not end well, because such violence will only further divide citizens of the Western world. Due to the strenuous pigeon-holing of identity, and the ruthless nature of these witch hunts, it will become incredibly easy to polarise the whole debate. If genuine conservatives become the target of leftist witch-hunts they will provoke a reaction and in a sense be forced to fight against the enemy of the alt-right. We already know how delusional and crazed Antifa is, and this will only empower them, now they know the law (even more so) does not apply to them.

    This is who the liberal establishment is emboldening, mob rule by radical leftists.

    Of course, that is just a dystopian prediction, but you can see how an already divided United States of America could spiral into another brutal civil war, if institutional tolerance of violence against those the liberal left believe to be Nazis goes ahead.

    By insisting there is no equivalent to the Nazis, it legitimises violence against those who are PERCEIVED to be alt-right and Nazis, which is a huge number of innocent people. There are thousands of social media users supporting this big lie, here’s a handful.



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    SPORTS TALK: How to Bet on Mayweather vs. McGregor

    We are a mere 10 days away from the most highly-promoted boxing match ever. On Saturday, August 26, the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr.,who is generally considered the best boxer of his generation, and perhaps the greatest pound-for-pound boxer ever, will take on UFC superstar Conor McGregor, who boasts similar accolades within the Mixed Martial Arts realm. The fight has already accomplished the monumental task of getting people interested in boxing again after the disastrously boring Mayweather vs. Pacquaio fight. In May 2015, Mayweather danced his way to a unanimous decision despite neither him nor Pacquaio taking much damage, and millions of Pay-Per-View customers feeling like they got gypped.  

    So here we are, two years later and in similar circumstances with Mayweather as the heavy favorite. But many McGregor fans believe that Conor will deliver the first loss in Floyd’s professional career. What will happen when these titans clash on August 26th? Here’s our best guess.


    In all contact sports, most athletes start to drop off as they approach the dreaded age of 40—which Floyd hit back in February. Conor has the clear-cut youth advantage as he just turned 29 a few weeks ago. Decades of high-intensity training generally take a heavy toll on the human body and Floyd’s endurance and toughness are going to be thoroughly tested. McGregor also owns a slight size advantage being one inch taller with two inches more reach.

    Conor’s MMA skills cross over to boxing. McGregor is a fantastic striker and has the mental toughness to compete with anyone. A fighter cannot rise to the level that McGregor has in the UFC without being put to the test. In terms of the actual damage and physicality that Conor will face on August 26th, he’s already been exposed to much, much worse.  

    Lastly, Conor has the fire. The passion and desire that burns inside Conor McGregor is palpable. It gushes out of every pore of his skin. It is impossible to watch Conor McGregor and not be impressed by his fighting demeanor. McGregor is an ass-kicker of the highest order and a big reason why this fight is even marketable.  


    Whether you are a fan of football, baseball, or boxing, many fans don’t realize that technique is more important than strength, speed, or agility. The guy with the better strategy will often defeat an opponent that outmatches them physically. Although Conor may have the edge in many physical aspects, Floyd has the almost overwhelming edge in technique and strategy.  


    Not only is Floyd’s boxing technique nearly flawless, Mayweather regularly games his opponents mentally. Mayweather has a unique ability to transform himself into a supervillain in the eyes of his opponent. Floyd’s opposition have so much hate for him when they step into the ring that they can’t help themselves from going after him full-bore. This plays right into Mayweather’s hands as he has mastered the art of defensive boxing. Mayweather is extremely difficult to land punches against and is an excellent counter-puncher. If McGregor takes the bait and is too overzealous in the opening rounds, Floyd will easily cruise to his 50th victory.   

    Finally, Mayweather outmatches McGregor in overall experience. Floyd’s professional record stands at 49-0 while Conor sits at 21-3. Mayweather has been in twice as many fights as McGregor and has been fighting for much longer. It’s true that Maywather wouldn’t last half a round in an MMA fight against McGregor—but this isn’t MMA. This is boxing where nobody has more experience than Floyd. If Floyd’s game is technically sound, there is no chance he will lose. McGregor’s only chance at victory is to capitalize on a Mayweather mistake. However, the chances of Mayweather making a mistake in the first place are pretty small.   


    I have bad news for McGregor fans—the time to bet on Conor was MONTHS ago. When betting opened in November 2016, McGregor was getting 10:1 odds. (For non-gamblers, that means every $1 bet wins $10.) By April 2017 those odds had fallen to about 5:1. Now, the odds of a McGregor victory sit at 3.5:1.  

    As you might expect, the odds for Mayweather have gone the opposite direction. Mayweather opened at a 1:22 favorite (meaning you’d have to bet $22 to win $1). Those odds have improved significantly to 1:5. Personally I think this is part of the genius of Floyd Mayweather. Just yesterday, social media was on fire with reports that Mayweather had been “knocked out” by his sparring partner. If true, this would look very bad on Floyd and give McGregor fans some hope that an upset victory is possible. The problem is, I think this is just a lie perpetuated to drive the betting odds even closer. This theory makes even more sense when you consider that Floyd has a history of betting on himself to win fights.

    The bottom line is the “value” bet has swung back to Mayweather. Although you have to risk $5.50 to make $1, betting on Mayweather remains the safest play. McGregor fans tend to be diehards who will back him regardless, but +350 (3.5:1) are not very good odds for an upset of this magnitude. Personally I really want to see Mayweather lose but I wouldn’t take McGregor for anything less than 5:1 odds.

    Whatever happens, let’s just hope this fight is more exciting than the Mayweather vs. Pacquaio snoozefest.

    For more sports talk (SPORTS TALK!!!) follow Darrel on Twitter @DarrelArnold 

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    Antifa Crust Punks Join Proud Boys

    Four New York City Antifa members defected yesterday to join the Proud Boys. “We’re not wearing the Fred Perry polos, though,” a young man calling himself Colton Forty-Five told Proud Boy Magazine. “Once a scumfuck, always a scumfuck.” He did, however, confirm their intention to incorporate the yelling of cereal names into their nightly sidewalk brawls, as well as India ink and sewing needles to stick n’ poke third degrees.

    Word on the (literal) street is their brand new flexi 7″ totally slays, continuing their anarcho-crust band under the new name: DYSAVOW. Look for In Trump We Crust at their next basement show. Ask a train hopper for deetz.

    Follow Greg on Twitter @realGregPike

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    CLUSTERFUCK EXTRAVAGANZA: Unite the Right Was Embarrassing for Everyone

    Well, “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville Virginia ran like a Swiss watch. But just to be silly, let’s knit pick, shall we?

    • People marching with torches like the KKK while doing Nazi salutes
    • Virginia declared a state of emergency
    • Trump supporters following the likes of white nationalist Richard Spencer, Neo-Nazi Stormfronter writers, and former klansman David Duke (making it more of a “Join the Dark Side” rally)
    • 1 Dead and 19 injured in a car attack
    • Police helicopter deployed to get the event under control ended up crashing, leaving 2 dead cops
    • The President of the United States himself putting the rally on blast
    • National Guard being called in
    • Easily avoidable street violence


    Here’s an actual photograph of me watching right wingers go to “Unite the Right”:

    Everyone get what they wanted?  Happy?  Cause here’s what it accomplished in no particular order:

    • Validated to lefts irrational fears that Trump supporters are Nazis bubbling under the surface
    • Made Richard Spencer and David Duke the face of the right
    • Chased black and Jewish conservatives away with a stick
    • Handed our moral high ground to Antifa
    • Put 1st responders lives needlessly at risk
    • Plenty of footage of black people being call racial slurs
    • Made it next to impossible for rational conservative organizers to get permits in the future
    • The right is more divided and alienated than ever
    • Trump will have an uphill battle to get re-elected
    • Didn’t attract a single new conservative



    I hope they all enjoyed the little “street performance” with their KKK pals.  THANK GOD THE PROUD BOYS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT.

    “…Hey man, I went for free speech”.  Yawn.  Can’t wait to read that in the comments.  I’m glad you like free speech, so do I… I guess you’ll be at the next Linda Sarsour speech or commie rally or NAMBLA meet up protecting the speakers?  Of course not.  Can’t help but notice all these free speech “purists” are the same people clutching their pearls when we give a forum to a smart conservative with a good writing ability who’s trans like Theryn Meyer.  We all support free speech and as Gavin McInnes pointed out, because we support even the worst ideas “right” to be expressed, “doesn’t mean you have to show up to every event”.  You might want to be selective about…. you know… klan lead white supremacist rally’s.

    “….But why can’t I have white pride?  What’s wrong with being white?”  You boring, inbred, fucks… nothing.  Same as what’s wrong with being black…. nothing.  We don’t stand up against hate groups like Black Lives Matter cause they’re black, we’re against them cause they’re hate groups.  As of yesterday, it looks like some people were just jealous it was a hate group that didn’t include them.

    “….But I’m not even a Nazi”.  No shit, huh? I’ll bet your straight too, but hang out in gay bars wearing hot pants, huh?  Funny thing is when you’re not a Nazi you tend not to be wandering around the south holding torches with David fuck Duke.  You tend not to be creaming about your white pride.  You tend not to be endorsing actual NAZIS.  So forgive us simple folk who don’t see the subtitle nuance of your politics in that scenario.

    “…but the left is worse”.  Not anymore.  You handed them, on a silver platter, the cartoonish villain they made free market conservatives, libertarians, and normal republican voters out to be.  The lie became real.  The people at “UTR” were the lefts clowns and used as puppets by white nationalists obsessed with the racial identity politics we’ve been speaking against from day one.  AntiFa vs. the Alt-Right were segregationists against segregationists.  The proud boys are saying “we’re against segregation!  We’re all westerners.  Let the best ideas win”.

    (The following will be totally ignored by our Leftist Critics) 

    It was called “Unite the Right” so what great conservative thinkers were there??  Thomas Sowell?  Ben Sharipo?  Ann Coulter?  Dinesh D’souza?  Milo?  Crowder??  Tucker???  Ron Paul??  Gavin McInnes and the world famous Proud Boys???  Nope.  Just white nationalists.  But thanks for calling it “UNITE the Right”.  That way they media can lump us all together anyway.

    It showed actual leadership and character that the Proud Boys had nothing to with this circle jerk.  The media had a turkey shoot calling actual violent Nazis, violent (ignoring the roll the left played completely).  They crucify anything to the right of Karl Marx, but now they were just handed all the ammo they needed to scare any normal conservatives away from Trump in the next election cycle.  This is the best thing that could have happened to Antifa.  It was finally the photo opp that made them the “good guys”.

    In a fucked, twisted way, some misguided people felt the need to make the Alt-Rights crowds look fuller than the 12 guys who normally show up to brag about how many times they read Mein Kampf.  They’re frustrated and tired of getting called a Nazi.  The odds are stacked against us and they wanted to throw in with anyone who wasn’t gonna throw piss on them for asking if 57 genders isn’t a bit much.  We tried not to “punch right” (note: this rule apparently does not apply to the Alt Right who have spiritual obligation to say the word “Cuck” every 10 minutes or their heads explode).  They saw how fucked Antifa was and how sympathetic their liberal co-workers were to them, and said “fuck it, let’s side with our own violent extremist rioters”.  It failed.

    (The following will be totally ignored by our Alt-Right Critics)

    If you’re on the left, this is all your fault.  Not Antifa either, the moderate left who threw in with Occupy Wall Street, BLM, Antifa, BAMN, SPLC, and others.  It’s on you.  You stayed silent while cities burned and tripped over yourself making excuses for violent extremists (even painting them as peaceful protesters).  Fuck you and your mothers.  This past weekend did not represent the typical conservative, but I don’t hear shit from YOU about that.  You’ve done enough damage and you don’t get to talk anymore.  Let the adults handle their business.

    The progressive’s dirty little secret is they WANTED this.  They called anyone who disagreed with them “Nazi” and “Fascist” for so long, average people thought, fuck it, I guess Nazis can’t be so bad because the left gets everything else wrong.  By showing up and promising all the violence they delivered, the liberal side inspired this rally’s numbers to blow up.  If you stayed home and just let people you disagree with be wrong, it would have just been another small, uninspired legal gathering.  Progressive anti-white rhetoric is what is normalizing and popularizing white nationalism.

    People died this weekend.  Blue Lives Matter, right?  Two dead cops.  I didn’t bother asking who they voted for before I felt sick to my stomach about it so I guess that makes me a “Cuck”.  That helicopter they crashed in wouldn’t have been in the air if Virginia didn’t declare a s”State of Emergency” because of the performance artists on both sides playing Commies and Nazis.  Those guys don’t ever get to have a Christmas with their families again.

    A first responder in Virginia from this past weekend (anonymously) had this to say:

    “When people abuse their freedom of speech and turn speech into violence they cause an enormous burden on first responders not only putting their safety at risk unnecessarily but also taking them away from responding to the law abiding citizens of the US.”

    A confirmed fascist guy also ran into a crowd of people injuring 19 and killing one girl.  I didn’t ask who she voted for before I formed my opinion either.  She wasn’t Isis.  She was just like everyone else that day, doing a thing cause they believed in something silly.  She’s dead for absolutely no reason cause a dickless psychopath thought he was a “revolutionary”.  I feel horrible for her mother…. but hey, I heard some alt-right guys took a commie flag, so “totally” worth it, right?

    Say bye-bye to future events. Not to mention it instantly killed our moral high-ground and “the Left is crazy for thinking that everything is ‘Literately Hitler'” argument.  Next time an Islamic radical runs into a crowd with a car every liberal will ONLY bring up Charlottesville.  It destroyed a well-built rapport with the police too. “The cops didn’t have our backs!”  Gee, I can’t imagine why…

    The left are whining insecure brats who value feelings over facts and the Alt Right are exactly the same thing except they also let the left define who they are:

    “Trump is Hitler!” – “Maybe Hitler had some good ideas”

    “Black Lives Matter!” – “White Lives Matter!”

    “Racists!” –  “What wrong with putting your own race 1st?”

    “You’re KKK” – “KKK are just Southern pride”

    Stupid.  Stunning, shocking, shameful, embarrassingly stupid.  The unforgivably boring force meets the relentlessly annoying object.  Instead of looking for the truth, the alt-right just listens to the lefts lying narrative about the right which lets themselves off the hook for every shameful thing in American history (including but not limited to slavery, eugenics, segregation, fascism, the klan) and the alt- right says “but I like that narrative”.

    Both sides accrue the most mentally unstable violent shitheads they can find.  I have never been prouder to be a proud boy, cause the proud boys had nothing to do with that shit show.  If Unite the Right had a head, I’d be happy to see it severed in the hands of Trump himself.  Some master race.



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    We Spoke to Street Artist Sabo Who Made Headlines Mocking Google

    Sabo became a household name a couple years ago when his tattooed Ted Cruz artwork exploded across social media. He made headlines again on Friday for mocking Google’s recent firing of an employee who dared to write a memo misaligned with the company’s hard-lined politically correct biases. The memo may have been politically incorrect but it was factually-based. So, Sabo took the piss right outta them by throwing up posters around their Los Angeles offices. 

    Proud Boy Magazine: When do you go out and put up your art?

    Sabo: I don’t usually go into specifics because the last thing I need is a judge using it as evidence against me. But I’ll usually go out around 3AM because everyone’s in bed. Bars have cleared. And the only people who are up at 3AM are up to no good. As far as the Google thing goes, it’s Orwellian. People are starting to see that and that’s why everyone’s pushing back.

    You’ve said Republicans are the new punk. But it seems every punk band I like nowadays is leftist. Why don’t more artists gravitate towards the Right? 

    I think when people are young and they’re leaving the house for the first time, they’re just ripe for the picking. In terms of politicians, people on the Left know that kids are hellraisers and that they naturally want to to rebel. And the Left is there to just pick them up. The Right is definitely not known for anarchy and hell-raising, and they fall right into the hands of the Left.

    A kid goes, “Alright I wanna be an artist . . . so I guess I’m a Democrat.” When I was growing up people wanted to be individuals. Today these young kids embrace the collective, they embrace commune living. They think being called an ‘individual’ is a bad word. I’m a bit depressed in terms of what I’m seeing in the art community. It sucks. There’s really nothing that’s biting. 

    I think the Left has lost their minds. I think they’re just getting militant as hell. I think they’re getting used to throwing on masks and getting violent. I’ll be sitting at a bar having a beer and some jackass next to me has to go on about some Democrat bullshit. Next thing you know I’m having an argument and all I wanted to to do was sit down for a quiet beer. And then I’m the one getting thrown out because the bartender’s a leftist, too. It’s like that here at least. I’m not sure about where you live.

    You’re in Los Angeles. I’m in the L.A. of Canada, Vancouver. I get that. 

    I’ve always wondered why the fuck don’t conservatives or right-leaning people have cool cities. Y’know, if you want to leave in a place where you can go grab a bagel and some lox it always has to be some Democrat-run shithole. I’ve never understood that. I used to live in Louisiana. You wanna go fishing? Great! But here in LA, I can go to the Hammer Museum, I can go to the Getty museum, I can go the beach . . . I can do all kinds of shit. But I’ve got to sacrifice by living in a liberal area. The thing is, there are a lot of conservatives here but a lot of them just stay quiet. They keep their head down.

    When I’m around a group of people in a liberal city often some asshole will just assume every single person there is also anti-Trump.

    They’re almost doing you a favor because if it turns out they want to discard you for the fact you support Trump, you’re basically losing all the friends you should lose because they’re really not your friends. They’re just close-minded people that you put up with. And what winds up happening when you speak out is you end up finding your real friends. People that you probably really get along with. I was fortunate in that way because doing what I do I’ve managed to meet some of the coolest people around.

    I just got a message from that Joy Villa chick, the one that was wearing that Trump dress at the Grammy’s. She’s like, “Hey this is Joy. Let’s hang out, here’s my phone number.” That wouldn’t have happened if I kept my mouth shut and stayed in a hole and kept my politics to myself. I wouldn’t meet people like her or anyone else. I met Joe Biggs the other day. Roger Stone. I could keep going down the list. After the Google [street art] hit, I didn’t even publish the first photo online and already Adam Sandler’s crew in New York fired me off a message asking, “Did you do this?” I had just got back to my place and someone in a car had snapped a photograph.

    What’s that, 12 hours, and it’s already going back and forth?

    No. More like four hours. Maybe five.The funny thing is, the guy who took the photos from his car, he put it on his Twitter, and he’s not even right-leaning. He’s just a regular businessman. He made a comment, “Oh, looks like someone’s not happy with Google.” Then he had thousands of likes and retweets on that one image. And then later on in the day he goes, “Hey man I’m cancelling my account for the time being. I’m getting so much hate from this photo I put out. People are calling me a Nazi.” He totally turned off his fucking account. I’m like, dude, welcome to my world.

    So basically you don’t really even have to self-promote?

    No not all. I don’t even have a PR guy. I mean the only thing I would push and extend myself to do would probably be the Joe Rogan show because I could see myself smoking a joint, drinking a beer, and talking shit for three hours.  

    I first became open to the idea of doing interviews when I was attacked by this Leftist a long time after doing the Ted Cruz tattoo thing. He wouldn’t allow me to respond. And everyone that did respond in a positive way, he deleted. I saw that happening and decided that that’s not going to the only thing online that’s got my name on it. I’m going to start doing interviews.

    I notice a pattern with the Left and their inability to take criticism, Stalinistically revising comment boards and that kind of stuff. 

    That was really fatal to them in the last election. If there was one thing that Breitbart really understood it’s that there’s a lot of gold in how people respond to a story. On the Right we’re very quick to answer questions and take the heat. That’s how you get strong. That’s how you hone your argument. That’s when you learn if you’re right or wrong yourself. You’re able to look at something and say, “Oh fuck, well that sounds fucking stupid.” And then you move on to the next thing. Leftists are closed-minded as fuck.

    Speaking of closed-minded, what’re you thoughts on Antifa?

    They run around calling everyone that doesn’t think like them fascists. The irony is that if you were to actually ask one of them what they think they probably couldn’t tell you what a fascist is. They want to get you fired, they want to beat you up. These are the people that if I, say, ass-raped a five-year-old kid and then cut their head off and ate their heart, and wound up in jail on death row, they’d protest because they don’t believe in the death penalty. These people are full of shit. And they’ve been showing their asses for awhile. And God bless ‘em, let them keep resisting because if anything they’re just going to keep losing power.

    As far as Antifa goes, they’re just a bunch of dumb kids. A lot of them are just homeless kids that people pay to hold signs and if they club someone over the head they’ll give them an extra hundred bucks. If they get thrown in jail, they tell them they’ll bail them out. That’s all they are. College students that bought into the whole communism bullshit that their professors were spoon-feeding them. They’re not serious players. I like that they’re being outed for what they are because they’re not going to be anyone’s employees. They suck in every way a person can suck. They’ll be wards of the state their whole fucking lives. Reliant on government funding, welfare, food stamps. That, or they’ll just be living on the street after their parents throw them out.

    Where do you predict all this political fighting between the Left and Right ending up?

    I think it’s going to be crazy. It’s already crazy and we’re only eight months in to Trump’s presidency. The Left has already weaponized every institution that they have a grasp on. Look at what Google’s doing. Look at what YouTube’s doing. Look at how militant the universities are becoming. They’re not even allowing right-wing speakers to speak. And once again, the leftists are showing their asses. 2018 is going to be a bellwether in terms of the country’s pulse. And 2020 is going to be a fucking zoo. High times for me in terms of what I do. It’s gonna get weird. Probably violent. And the Left is going to regret their decision to distance themselves from firearms because we’re the ones who’re gonna have all the bullets and all the guns.

    For more Sabo visit unsavoryagents.com and follow him on Twitter @unsavoryagents

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    A new hope emerges in Britain to challenge increasing Islamic terrorism, murder and child rape

    FORCES are rallying to stop an anti-Islam candidate becoming the new leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

    Anne Marie Waters, along with 10 others, were accepted yesterday to run for party leadership following the resignation of Paul Nuttall MEP.

    Waters, an openly gay woman, should be welcomed by the usual progressive media outlets in Britain which thrive off identity politics.

    However, she is now to be subjected to a vast campaign of fake news — because she is standing on an specifically anti-Islam ticket.

    English towns and cities where Islamic child rape gangs have been thwarted.

    UKIP, Nigel Farage’s party that caused Britain to vote to leave the European Union, has become rudderless since Mr Brexit stepped down.

    Waters provides a solid purpose to the party, which has a massive votership and following in the UK, despite electoral failures, mostly due to the voting system.

    She is looking to combat the Islamisation of Britain, including the lack of investigation into Muslim child rape gangs, the 23,000 jihadists, Sharia Councils and more.

    It is safe to say the problem with Muslim child rape gangs in the UK is endemic.

    To stand against these problems in Britain is now a way to be chastised in the national media and political platforms as racist, bigoted and as an Islamophobe.

    Waters is putting her head above the parapet and for that reason, the media will skewer her. But, she will win, the momentum is with her, and that is the politically correct lobby’s greatest fear.

    Find out more about Anne Marie Waters here.

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    The Colin Kaepernick Story: NFL + SJW = WTF

    By now everyone and their mother has heard of former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who made a splash in the NFL a few years ago just as the league saw an influx of young, mobile quarterbacks bringing a devastating running threat to their offensive arsenal. Anyone who knows football knows that the game is constantly evolving, and different strategies and styles of play get extremely popular and then fizzle out as the competition makes adjustments. The talent pool of the NFL is so insane that veteran players must constantly improve or they risk being replaced by faster, fresher players coming out of the college ranks. Savvy veterans realize that the best way to stave off threats to their starting positions is to capitalize on their mental game. The best players on the field are not always the most physically gifted. But they almost always have the best technique and mental preparation.  

    This is a lesson Colin Kaepernick never cared to learn. When Kaepernick made his first start in 2012, relieving an injured Alex Smith, he promptly went 5-2. The “Read-Option” was getting very hot in the NFL, and nobody ran it better than Colin Kaepernick. It’s worth noting that the 49ers were a VERY strong team at this time and had reached the NFC Championship game in 2011, before losing to the eventual 2011 Champions New York Giants. The 2012 49ers retained their exceptionally strong defense, which along with Kaepernick’s electric performance in the playoffs, propelled the team to Super Bowl XLVII. (Kaepernick would end up throwing a last-second interception to end the game.) In 2013, Kaepernick put up decent numbers, and the 49ers returned to the NFC Championship game where Kaepernick would once again throw a last-second interception to end the game.

    By 2014, NFL defenses had fully adjusted to mobile quarterbacks such as Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, and Cam Newton. Newton and Wilson would continue to enjoy success in the NFL as they ran the ball less and got more accurate with their passes. Kaepernick, on the other hand, regressed. Passing had been a lot easier in the previous years because defenses were worried about Kaepernick’s running game. Now that defenses had evolved, they were FORCING Kaepernick to beat opponents with his arm . . . something that he just wasn’t prepared to do. Kaepernick’s ability to feel the pass rush, along with his “pocket presence,” were disastrous. He struggled to read the defense and made poor decisions overall. In 2014, Kaepernick went 8-8, followed by an injury-plagued 2015 in which Colin posted a 2-6 record.   

    Enter: social justice.

    In 2016, Kaepernick lost his starting job to free agent Blaine Gabbert. It was around this time that Kaepernick decided to protest standing for the national anthem. Rumor has it that the move was inspired by Kaepernick’s MTV/Radio host girlfriend “Nessa.” Nessa is half Egyptian, half black, and fully outspoken about social justice and the Black Lives Matter movement. Although Kaepernick’s national anthem protest made headlines around the country, it wasn’t explained very well by Kaepernick himself—who by his own admission didn’t vote in the last election.

    Kaepernick said of his protest: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” And just like that—Kaepernick immediately became a hero to millions of disgruntled black Americans around the country.   

    Today, Kaepernick is more known for his social justice advocacy than his QB play. But that hasn’t stopped his militant black fans from decrying the overt racism in the fact that Kaepernick has not yet been signed to a team for 2017. Kaepernick supporters believe that NFL team owners are colluding to ensure that nobody signs Kaepernick. Although this could be true, it’s most likely just a theory.

    There are a couple things that theses contract hawks should be aware. First, Kaepernick was not cut by the 49ers—he actually opted out of his contact. Second, people are quick to point out that there are a lot of sub-par QB’s in the NFL who serve as backups, and the argument is that Kaepernick is definitely skilled enough to be a backup somewhere. What this argument doesn’t consider is that every team has a very difficult time cutting down to a 53-man roster. Some teams have three QBs on the roster, others have only two. Most teams DO NOT spend a lot of money on the backup QB. And more often than not teams will gamble going into the season with an unproven rookie as backup QB because the likelihood of the backup actually playing is very, very low. So yes, it’s definitely possible that Kaepernick is better than a few backups who are currently on a roster in the NFL. That being said, the biggest reason NOT to sign Kaepernick is the risk of the ensuing public relations nightmare, as well as having once loyal fans potentially boycott the season!   

    The bottom line is that the NFL is a business. The business model only works if millions of fans continue to watch and follow the game. Last year Kaepernick’s protest cost the NFL millions of dollars in lost revenues from fans who stopped watching because they were disgusted with Kaepernick’s protest. Who knows how much revenue the 49ers lost last year from fans who refused to go attend home games in the wake of Kaepernick’s protests? Why in God’s name would an NFL team take a chance on a pariah who hates America? If Colin Kaepernick’s calling is social justice, than he will have plenty of opportunities to annoy us OUTSIDE of the game America loves. The 2017 NFL season will be much better without the likes of Colin Kaepernick.

    Be sure to touch-down on Darrel’s FOLLOW @DarrelArnold 

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    Tourists left in awe as African migrants storm popular Spanish beach

    A picture speaks a thousand words. Well, in this case it’s a video. However, it shows well the trouble facing Europe right now with mass illegal immigration from Sub-Saharan Africa.

    The video has been doing the rounds on social media and should be documented by all those critical of the lack of action being taken on the migrant invasion of Europe.

    There is no refugee crisis anymore — this is simply illegal immigration and human trafficking by third world opportunists coming to reap the wealth of Europe.

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    Pax Hart Explains Mohammad, Islam, and the Left

    During the ride to Islamberg in Hancock, New York television personality and writer Pax Hart and Proud Boys New York resident Geoff Young got into a detailed conversation on the history of Islam, Mohammad, and their relationship with the modern left. This is a must watch for fans of history.  Pax and Geoff got into the nitty-gritty speaking about topics most wouldn’t dare mention.  Facts and history won the day.  This is the perfect video for anyone wanting to understand more about Islam.



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