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    The Latest Casualty in the Culture Wars

      If you were to google Owen Benjamin a few months ago, you most likely would have been sent over to YouTube to watch some of his Comedy Central specials that have views in the hundreds of thousands. In the past few months, however, the comedian and virtuosic pianist had been focusing on building an […] More

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    PROUD BOY OF THE WEEK: Chef Michael Hunter

    Throughout all of human history butchering and consuming meat has connected cultures. African, American Indian, Asian, European, and Island societies have survived and expanded because of their relationship with protein since before the written word. In Toronto Canada vegan’s were shocked went a restaurant was serving meat. Protests raged outside the Antler Kitchen & Bar […] More

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    Why the SPLC is a Hate Group

    When the John Birch Society’s flagship publication “The New American” is described by the group calling itself the“Southern Poverty Law Center” as a “patriot group” (i.e. “Hate Group”), it’s a sure sign that the TNA and JBS struck a nerve. TNA, despite its obvious bias as a nationalist/constitutionalist/libertarian publication (not at all a bad thing), […] More

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    VIDEO: Pawl Bazile Talks Proud Boys on Milo

    I called into the Milo Show to discuss the Proud Boys with Milo Yiannopoulos. We went over the members, the degrees, and spoke about what we can do to further the culture. Mathew Lyons was a Proud Boy who’s funeral was shut down after his mother was harassed by crazed Antifa trolls who pretended Matt […] More

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    Shapiro takes on Roseanne

      Roseanne is back, and the hit show’s reboot premiere had 18.2 million people across the country in stitches. Receiving love letters from critics, Roseanne is America’s new favorite Trump-supporting working class mom dealing with her daffy liberal family. The show has already been picked up for another season and conservatives are eating it up […] More

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    Islam Motivated the Florida Triple Stabbing

      17-year-old accused killer Corey Johnson is facing charges of murder in the first degree for his stabbing spree last Monday in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. The rampage left 13-year-old Jovanni Brand dead, and 13 year old Dane Bancroft and his mother Elaine Simon hospitalized with multiple stab wounds. Reports are saying that Johnson targeted […] More

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    Get Inside: Episode One

    Proud Boy Magazine Staff Writer, Alex Caprio hosts a new pilot from Compound Media. Get Inside will be a long forum interview show. Episode 1 features Proud Boys, Franklin Wright and Pawl Bazile, talking music. More

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    France Age of Consent up to 15 from Non-existent

    After 2 men skirted rape convictions for sex with 11 year old girls, France is now open to the idea of making a firm age of legal consent 15 years old.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3BYda2mIxA   France, a shining progressive light of Europe, currently is without an official age of consent making sex with minor difficult to […] More

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    The History Of Heavy Metal

    Metal bands had lit a fuse during the 1970’s without having any idea of the destructive power of a metal bomb. This metal bomb complex had left shrapnel deep in the skin of the 80’s. Like many freak accidents in the science lab – metal had not only grown to be a popular genre but […] More

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    SPLC believes the Proud Boys are a “Hate Group” in their Fantasy World

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is the biggest hate group in America. On what could only be imagined as a slow day at their offices, they decided to add the Proud Boys to their list of “Hate Groups” this week. Gavin once responded to the SPLC beautifully HERE. The SPLC are anonymous far-left activist lawyers […] More

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    Funeral for a Friend

    Mathew Lyons was a Proud Boy and friend to many of us in the New York, New Jersey area. Matt was struggling with demons and tragically passed away in South Jersey earlier this week. A great guy to be around, Matt always brightened up any situation with a smile. Chadwick Moore of Milo’s news site, […] More

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