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    ALBUM: The Instagram account devoted to hot Israeli army girls


    Here is one of the finest Instagram accounts be shared amongst Proud Boys. Let’s make a permanent record of our appreciation. No more words needed.



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    Proud Boys Weekly Workout #4

    Strength has been a human obsession since the dawn of time. Every culture had larger than life heroes whose levels of strength were unheard of. The Bible had Samson, Greek Mythology was littered with strong myths, such as the story Hercules, and Theseus. Even in modern America we have Paul Bunyan, a giant lumberjack with a blue ox.  

    In history’s obsession with strength, and the bragging rights that come with it, strong games came about. The first one that comes to most people’s minds are the Olympics, which have been around since 776 B.C.—held every 4 years to honor the god Zeus.  

    Another culture who places strength on a pedestal are the Scottish Highlanders. Modern Strength Games are derived from the Highlanders and their feats of power. Two events from the Highland Games have always intrigued me. First, the Clach Cuid Fir (Manhood Stone) which is where a stone weighing over 100lbs is attempted to be lifted and placed high on a wall or podium. Think modern day atlas stones in Strongman contests. The second, which will be our workout today, was the Clach Neart (Stone of Strength). The Stone of Strength was typically between 20 or 30 lbs, and the person attempted to shoulder it and throw it as far are possible, like the modern day shot put.  

    For this week’s workout, we are going to channel our inner Highlander and try to see if our stones are strong enough to handle it (see what I did there).  

    Set a timer for 15 minutes, and go find something heavy and awkward. Go outside to an open area, and every minute try to throw the object 3 times one way. If you complete those throws and still have time, rest the remaining minute, but I would guess that walking to get the object should be your rest. Switch up the throws as you wish. I like to throw backwards, chest throws like a basketball pass, shot put, or keeping my feet dug into the ground and only twisting my hips for power.

    An easy breakdown would be:

    Minute 1– 3x with right arm.

    Minute 2– 3x with left arm.

    Minute 3– 3x chest throw

    Minute 4– 3x Backwards for height

    Minute 5– 3x Backwards for distance….

    And so forth, switching it up every minute for the minutes.

    If you need to scale it, only do one throw per minute. Then over time you can build to two throws, then three.

    For my Globo gym friends, grab a medicine ball and toss it against the wall, slam it on the ground, throw it at the guys curling in the squat rack, whatever you would like to do.  

    This workout will not only tax your shoulders and build lean, explosive muscle, it will also develop your core more strongly and effectively than doing hundreds of crunches per day.

    Give it a shot and like always, let me know if you complete it.


    Follow Cam on Instagram @moderncaveman.55

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    PROUD B-OI! Weekly Playlist #6

    Every Proud Boy is punk rock in spirit—whether they’ve never even listened to the Ramones or they used to panhandle for Colt 45s wearing a sleeveless Flux of Pink Indians t-shirt, a trihawk shaved into their head and a pet rat pooping on their shoulder. 

    A mix of brand new shit, slightly stale shit, and classic shit that’s evolved into magic mushroom-making manure, here are our top 10 tracks of the week from the wide world of punk. 

    HATED YOUTH – Hardcore Rules

    AMY AND THE ANGELS – I Hate Being In Love

    HATE CLUB – Vice Versa

    EYEHATEGOD – Robitussin and Rejection

    GG ALLIN – I Hate You And You Hate Me

    THE DILS – I Hate The Rich

    FILTH – Don’t Hide Your Hate

    BRIARD – I Really Hate Ya

    DD OWEN – I Hate This City

    REAGAN YOUTH – I Hate Hate


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    U.S. National Soccer team eliminated from 2018 FIFA World Cup

    For the first time since 1986 the United States national soccer team has been eliminated from World Cup, probably the biggest single sport tournament in the galaxy. Their loss wasn’t epic or grand in any way as they were ousted by Trinidad & Tobago, a tiny island nation in the Caribbean. Back then in 1986 it would’ve been easier to accept, but in 2017 you’d think the United States and its pride in soccer would’ve grown stronger by now.

    Hand of God 1986

    As a proud American I should be upset. In my heart I stand by all national sports teams but in the unique case of soccer I don’t. Just as Fox has its duty to cover the World Cup regardless of the U.S. qualifying. I still am going to watch the World Cup with the same joy whether or not the U.S. qualified.

    Ashley Allen / Getty Images

    It’s the only part of me that isn’t too patriotic. When it comes to soccer I hold a “light” grudge against the United States, my birth nation and my home. As a kid I played a lot of soccer, I started at the age of 5 and played on a travel team until my teens where my love for Hockey overpowered it. Growing up in the 90’s and playing soccer wasn’t in style at all. Looking back to 1986 they painted the picture of some chipper soccer loving country but the truth is if you enjoyed soccer in the 90’s, it was equivalent to being culturally diverse today. You’d be described as ethnic and that was as close to a compliment as you would get. This was something cultural that someone brought back with them from their country of origin. It wasn’t a pastime like baseball. I was called a fag by everybody but the Mexicans because I played soccer, that being U.S. soccer and me never mixed well. Living in the time of Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky didn’t help either. Stars of that capacity didn’t leave room for anyone to fall in love with soccer.

    I wish the U.S. soccer team no ill will. I usually do root for them, especially because they don’t come in close contact with any european soccer teams. Like the national team of Greece. A team unlikely to ever dominate any tournament on a world platform, a team that hasn’t even qualified for the 2018 World Cup yet, a team holding onto the hopes of beating either Switzerland, Croatia, Denmark or fucking Italy to even get into the World Cup let alone make a real impact. Their only claim to fame came in 2004. They are real underdogs and to root for them makes you either stupid or Greek, I am both.

    Greece’s forward Angelos Charisteas (R) heads the ball in to score against Portugal, 04 July 2004 at the Luz stadium in Lisbon, during the Euro 2004 final match between Portugal and Greece. AFP PHOTO Franck FIFE

    Of course anyone reading this would assume that this isn’t even worth talking about. Who gives a shit about sports let alone a fag sport like soccer? If the National Football League doesn’t care about American pride then how could we rely on that same pride to bring us glory in the sport of soccer?

    The United States could pretty much dominate any field including sports when and if they want to. It comes down to a matter of actually caring. Do you believe after everything is said and done, that with our hundreds of millions of citizens that we can’t come up with a competitive group of 20 Americans to play soccer? Of course we could you silly bitch.

    Alexi Lalas, US National Team 91′-98′

    Soccer isn’t part of our culture. It’s like a cheese that doesn’t melt, it’ll never blend in well. It is almost like soccer never assimilated in the United States. With the accomplishments we have achieved since 1776 I find it very hard to believe that we can’t be a top ten ranked team in the world. We aren’t really a shitty soccer team, I think we just don’t care.

    When the United States falls in love with soccer like the rest of the world then and only then will we begin to dominate the sport. Only then will we be looked at the same way the soccer world looks at Brazil. A force to be reckoned with. Spread the love and stop hating the sport because you can’t play it. We all need to start loving soccer the way we love our own sports. United we stand yo!


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    PBMC: Rocky

    Certain Movies every man should see, some he should know by heart.  These are the movies we’ll be featuring in the Proud Boy Movie Club.  Some films will be new to some of us, some we’ve seen a dozen times.  Either way you’re encouraged to watch or take the opportunity to re-watch these films every man should know.  All Proud Boys can follow the films week to week here and discus and post thoughts, questions and comments in the Proud Boys Facebook Group.

    This week’s Movie Club: Rocky

    Rating: PG

    Genre: Drama, Sport

    Directed By: John G. Avildsen

    Written By: Sylvester Stallone

    In Theatres: 3 December 1976

    Running Time: 120 Minutes


    If ever cinema needed an example of its artistic potential in one movie then “Rocky” would be it. The world fell in love with Rocky. The story of Rocky is one of the most admired tales of the American dream. That love affair spawned sequels that still haven’t lost any steam. We had Rocky and all the sequels copied on VHS when we were growing up so I guess I too was equally swept up in the Rocky madness. The movie is every bit a fairy tale come true as a story just as it was for Sylvester Stallone’s career as a writer/actor. Sylvester Stallones’ triumph as a well respected writer, director and actor started with Rocky (1976) and continues until today with its most recent sequel Creed (2015). Rocky is the pinnacle of sports dramas and includes some of the coolest montages, epic original scores and many motivational quotes. From the trailer you might think it’s just a simple sports movie where a boxer sucks ass but ends up becoming a bad-ass champion and you’d be 100% correct, but the truth is Rocky is much more interesting than it seems. The characters and their problems add so much flavor to an otherwise assumed bland recipe.

    Rocky is living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the late 70’s, much like New York City but not so much. He’s a sloppy boxer and truly sounds like a genuine moron at times but he spends most of his time collecting debts for a local Italian mobster (who by the way seems to be one of the most supportive characters throughout all the films). It’s his only source of income as he is alone and seems to be lacking any other skill besides giving or taking beatings. His pal Paulie is an equally retarded alcoholic played by the awesome Burt Young. Paulie’s sister Adrian is played by Talia Shire, the love interest. Rocky becomes infatuated with Adrian as he grows hopeless about what the future holds. He not only lands a girl who loves him as much as he loves her but he also receives the best news of his life – the fight! Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) the reigning heavyweight boxing champion of the world has a fight coming up but bad luck fell on him and the challenger wasn’t available to fight due to a broken hand. Apollo didn’t want to lose out on another payday nor lose face with his fans. Apollo truly was a showman so he couldn’t just abandon the fight altogether. He came up with the bright idea of giving a nobody a shot at the title, he was to make a spectacle out of the American dream on live TV. Little did he know that the “Italian Stallion” wasn’t going down that easy. With the help of salty trainer Mickey Goldmill played by the legendary Burgess Meredith, Rocky trains like a madman and ends up going shot for shot until the end. What seemed like a show to Apollo quickly became very real when he realized this was a REAL fight and not some shitty sparring partner to beat up on. Apollo won by decision but it didn’t phase Rocky one bit, he knocked down the champ a few times and equally beat the shit out of him. In the end they both looked like a tornado fell on their faces but Rocky only cared about finding Adrian as he was being rushed to the hospital to attend to the brain damaging beating he just took.

    You say Rocky is too easy to claim for the Proud Boys? I get it. I get it but I can argue also. The essence of perseverance, testosterone, the American dream and the plain old one on one fist fight makes the setup almost perfect. We all claim we want to inspire one another, we all claim we stand for something but that’s the power of “we”, “we” means nothing in the ring. There is no help and you must go toe to toe with the champion of the world ALONE. While we can pat each other on the back and say all the best anecdotes to show support, we cannot block a crippling knockout punch to the face with the same ease. Being in this solitary situation with the whole world watching, the Proud Boy emerges, the “No-Wanks” champion is eating the punches like beef jerky, shredding each bite of meat off the same way he shrugs off a punch. Coincidentally his trainer Mickey advises Rocky to follow “No-Wanks”, he might not’ve explained it that way, Mickey told Rocky not to fool around. Implying the testosterone driven idea behind refraining from masterbation. It’s almost like tricking your brain to be a prowler, to be on edge, to be ready to kick ass and seize the day or in this case, really kicking ass. That coincidence cannot be ignored. There are many variables that led Rocky to last 15 rounds against the champ but Rocky’s decision to refrain from masturbation really made a big deal in his victory. The Proud Boy in his heart led him to victory. It’s also responsible for his immediate search for Adrian at the end. He wanted to bone.

    Rocky Balboa wore Black and Yellow throughout most of his career.

    I imagine nobody reading this hasn’t already seen the film. Anybody passed the age of 15 should’ve seen this film by now, I mean at this point it’s a staple in American culture. It has become historical. If you’ve seen it, I want you to watch it like you haven’t seen it. Get a quality copy of the film and make an event out of it. Watching Rocky should be like watching the Super-Bowl, minus the buffalo wings and gambling. For those of you who truly haven’t seen Rocky I envy you. As I do with all epic films, I’m jealous of the first time experience you have with it. It can’t happen more than once. It’s like losing your virginity. The only thing I can do is not watch it for as long as I can so my brain can naturally forget a lot of the exciting details of the movie. The great thing about Rocky is the fact that it became a mother to many equally entertaining sequels. Watching this film will open up one of the most loved sports sagas of our lifetime. You will truly have entertainment for many nights as there are at least 5 sequels.







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    As the Australian contributor to PBM I feel an obligation to call bullshit on my countrymen. Anytime there’s a debate in the U.S. regarding healthcare, gun control, or other social equality matters, you always hear politicians like Bernie “Take Half Your Shit” Sanders wax lyrically about how Australia introduced reform with great outcomes. Or how our globalised-socialist healthcare system is the cream of the crop. Or how Australia is “the lucky country.”

    There may be some truth to that last statement—don’t get me wrong. I love my country. But when it comes to gun control, globalised healthcare, and social equality, we’re full of shit.

    Our system sucks, and it sucks big time!

    In this series I’m going to write in depth about Australian gun control legislation, our socialised healthcare, as well as our social equality issues. This is part one.

    Guns and the bullshit peddled by the left about Australia

    Some background: as Jim Jefferies refers to in his now infamous gun-control rant, in 1996 we had the world’s largest (at the time) modern-day massacre, in which 35 innocent men, women, and children, were murdered by a madman with an IQ of less than 70 using an old AR-15 whilst shooting from his right hip (even though he was left-handed). He had a more effective headshot rate than any SAS solider in history. Not bad for a retard… And let’s remember it’s a joke… he’s a comedian. He’s not a political scientist and he hasn’t got any actual statistics. Anyway, point being, we had guns, we gave them back. What’s worse, it was our conservative government that passed this legislation.

    Since that day we haven’t had one massacre, and leading up to that day, we had one every year. Sounds pretty compelling, right?

    It’s not. What you’re not being told is this: the moment all the guns were handed back the black market for guns became huge. It’s big business and Aussies still can aquire guns (Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the US and is still the most violent gun crime area of America).

    Let’s have a look at firearm suicide rates. The argument I’ve heard is that in Australia following the gun buy-back scheme, our suicide rate dropped and therefore if you use this rationale you will see suicide rates drop in the US. This is a critical area to look at as the number used for gun violence is 33,000 deaths per year. But of that figure, 22,000 of them are suicide. So let’s look at Australian data following the gun laws and buy-back scheme:

    The year following the gun buy-back scheme there was actually a significant increase in the number of suicides by hanging, strangulation, and suffocation.

    Following this, between 1992-2002, suicide by firearm did decrease; however the level of overall suicides increased significantly. On 2015 & 2016 suicide rates were at a 10-year high

    The conclusion is that although removing firearms from the community meant that suicide by firearm dropped, the overall numbers increased. Thus the claim that removing weapons from the community leads to a lower suicide rate is totally fallacious.

    So, that covers suicide. And although statistically this covers two-thirds of the overall gun deaths in the US, and the possible debate about gun control, it doesn’t cover the hot point: murder. This is where I consistently hear that the gun control laws in Australia directly reduced murder rates.

    Just like the arguments made for suicide rates by supporters of gun control, this claim is often heard as, “Homicide rates decreased after the gun control laws were put into place.” And as is the case with the suicide rates, this is not entirely accurate.

    If we inspect all the available information, we see that the data tells a different story. From 1980-95, the rate of firearm deaths per 100,000 declined from 4.8 deaths per in 1980 to 2.6 in 1995.

    It turns out that homicide rates had been in steady decline in Australia well before gun control laws were put Into place. 

    The next set of data is during and after gun control laws between 1996-2013. During this time the decrease in homicide rate in Australia is 20% vs. the 15-year decrease from our first set of data which claimed to be 46%.

    Here is the decline spanned from the early ’70s to 2010, in which you can clearly see the trend over time.

    Following the gun control laws the number of overall homicides increased. Though in 1997 there was a slight decrease, homicide rates increased in 1999, 2000 and 2002.

    As I said at the outset, when people claim Australia’s gun control laws decreased murder and suicides, they’re full of shit.


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    Islamic Terror: When an innocent car crash causes mass hysteria

    A relative of mine was caught up in a frenzy in London on Sunday when a car ploughed into people outside the National History Museum.

    My cousin, aged 25, explained to me how she was in a restaurant and a police cordon being extended outside of the premises.

    Watching from inside, more than 40 cops in balaclavas and armed with machine guns spilled into the streets and began extending the cordon.

    Shit went down, with mass fear that it was the latest in a string of terrorist attacks in the capital that have used vehicles to target pedestrians.

    “Run, RUN!” cops yelled at crowds of pedestrians who RAN LIKE FUCK!

    Police have since released the driver.

    “Everyone freaked the fuck out and started sprinting left, right and centre. We were still in the restaurant at this point and the staff were like ‘LOCK THE DOORS, EVERYONE GET DOWNSTAIRS!’,” my cousin told me earlier this week.

    “My friend and I darted out of the door and started sprinting away. All we can hear are sirens coming from all directions and helicopters above us. It was so messed up — we genuinely thought there were gunman terrorists loose.”

    The police had totally lost control of the situation, she explained to me.

    “I was so close to filming when the police were charging at us. I had my phone open. But, then I thought, I don’t want to be that idiot who dies ’cause they are filming — so I just ran.”

    Looking back, she remarked: “Luckily, now we know it wasn’t a terrorist attack, but the police must have thought there was something going down in order to terrify pedestrians like that.”

    Cops flooded the scene

    This is common in Britain now — sheer terror and anarchy at what was an innocent car crash.

    At the time, the police treated it as they would, a terrorist attack. And even though it wasn’t an attack, it served the same purpose, and the terror was still experienced. My dear cousin, and all of those other people, will never forget that moment.

    This is despite the Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, insisting Londoners will not bow to terror.

    They already have, and in their hundreds, they were terrified and thought they were close to being murdered by Islamic State fanatics.

    People in Britain are becoming fed up of the constant fear radical Islam causes.

    Authorities respond well to attacks when they happen, but on the whole, they do not wish to tackle the problem in any lasting way, it feels.

    For example, a convicted, jailed and released jihadist has been given a top local government job in Britain.

    This rightly pissed everyone off but no one can really say it is surprising.

    We have become so used to radical Islamists getting away with murder, literally, in our communities.

    The police have done a tremendous job in tackling terrorism, would-be terrorism and handling suspected terrorist incidents.

    However, the politicians in charge of the cops seems to be more concerned with tracking down those who say nasty things on the Internet.

    Sometimes the police themselves appear to be more concerned with disposing of cultural icons like the British Bobby helmet transgender police officers.

    On the whole, it is a depressing picture and shows little  sign of actually changing.

    The terror, the apathy and the downright ridiculous way jihadists can get into our institutions looks set to continue. One day, mark my words, the European people will wake up and sort this shit out. It won’t be pretty.


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    Columbus Day Reparations: An Actual Solution

    On October 9th we celebrate Columbus Day.  This honors the Italian (some say Spanish) explorer who landed in what is now the Dominican Republic in 1492, opening up the west and forever changing the world with his voyages.  With change comes controversy, which is a scab people won’t stop picking.

    The beef seems to be that Columbus ushered in the age of colonization of the Americas.  People feel Columbus was a stupid idiot who didn’t know he wasn’t in India, and “discovered” nothing, cause there were already people there.  He genocided and enslaved the native people which is why the “uniquely cruel” white Europeans were able to claim all of North and South America.  Then once the evil white man got a taste for hurting brown flesh, they boated in millions of black African slaves, who build America on stolen land.  America is generally a terrible culture cause of it now and  people are owed.  This is the origin story of white privilege.

    Every Columbus Day, or Thanksgiving about a dozen “Debbie Downer” history buffs in our facebook and twitter feeds treat us to things like this:

    In case you couldn’t believe your eyes; a man off camera says the words:

    “Christopher Columbus”

    and the American Indian woman replies by shuttering at the very words and says

    “(Gasp).  Evil.  (stern look to the camera while choking back tears) Pure Evil”. 

    If you are quaking with fear and anger at the very sound of the name of a historical figure who died 500 years ago, go ahead and wear aluminum foil of you head, so we know who you are.  What other name in history would that be looked at as a rational response:

    “Genghis Khan”……..”Huuhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

    “Julius Cesar”……. “Evil!”

    “Cyrus the Great”……”Pure Evil”

    Instinctively hand that person medication.  You’d think they’re faking.  You should.  This women not only never knew Columbus, either did her mother, her grandmother, great-grand mother, great-great-grandmother and so on.  If her tribe is from mainland North America…. Columbus never even set foot there.

    Whoever Columbus killed in an act of war or conquest, had no more to do with her people as the Portuguese felt the pain of the Slavs from 1263.  Yet, reactions like the woman in the video are condoned, tolerated, and now they are encouraged in schools and local municipalities leading to much shade being thrown on the Columbus name.

    When trying to counter this type of hysteria, good information is the best way to fight bad information.

    What do you do for a living?  Barista?  Yoga instructor?  Social media “expert”?  This crew was full of illiterate 17 year olds who’d beat your ass and fuck your woman.  All they knew about where they were going was from fleets that would send out 20 and maybe one would limp back half destroyed with a scared shitless crew screaming “never sail west”.

    What about the moniker “discover”?  Did Columbus really “discover” anything?  How do you discover land that people are living on?  Well, you may have noticed the Iroquois weren’t the ones who showed up in Spain in giant canoes.  They didn’t find Europe, Europe found them, hence “discovered”.

    Don’t take my word for it, let brilliant writer Thomas Sowell explain in detail:

    What about Lief Erickson, and the Chinese?  Cool.  Nice footnote, but no cigar.

    Were trade routes forever opened?


    Did those voyages redraw the maps forever.


    The fact is 500 fuck years ago word got around slow.  The Columbus voyages confirmed what other only knew in 4th or 5th hand accounts, rumors, and shaky oral tradition involving dragons.

    Columbus was cruel, killed people, and did unspeakable things to the Arawak Indians.  What a barbarian… it was almost like he was acting like a guy from the 15th century or something!  (plagiarized from Gavin McInnes)  He treated the natives no different than Spain had been treated by the Moors for centuries.  He treated them no different than he would have treated any 15th century kingdom in Europe he was at war with.  And yes, he treated them no different than the Island Caribs who where dominating the Caribbean and working their way north to the Arawak… and were cannibals.  Many tribes after Columbus (for hundred of years) were also all too happy to team up with pale face to take out the tribe down the street, by the way.

    Liberal Reader:

    “Hey!  So what if they were cannibals, that was over 500 years ago!”

    Now you’re getting it.  Crazy times.

    Another guy much smarter than me, Dinesh D’Souza with more detail:

    The real Indian genocide claim comes from disease, not the sword.  Diseases worked their way all over the continent around that time.  Sickness killed a staggering amount of natives in a short period of time.  Some estimates are as high as 90%.  With “the white man’s” arrival around the time it happened many have pointed to “germ warfare” killing the natives.

    Just one problem:  Germ theory wasn’t complete until 1880.  The late 1400th/Early 1500s is still a time when they blamed everything on ghosts.  I can concede that it is more than likely contact the Indians had with the Europeans (not to mention their first ever contact with horses) is what spread the plague.  However Europeans are no more to blame than the Asians are for spreading the black death to Europe, or Africa is for infecting Americans with Ebola.  90% of the population of Continental US dying left a lot of newly unoccupied land for new settlers to live.  Without that tragedy, even with better technology, it would have been impossible.

    Nevertheless, are modern people owed something because of what their ancestors when through?  That’s hard because, how far back do we go?  What government owes what?  For example, American, as a concept, didn’t exist until 1776, so if reparations are to be paid to American Indians or anyone else, should Spain, Portugal, France, England, and Holland need to dig deep as well?   What about the other Native tribes who sold out the tribes they wanted destroyed?  What about the African tribes, and Arabs who were more than happy peddling black flesh?  Do the Irish “owe” for being white, or are they “owed” for being shipped into slavery to the New World in the style of a penal colony?  Were the boarders drawn perfectly in 1492, because if not we have a lot of history to correct.

    More from Dr. Sowell as written in his book “The Economics and Politics of Race: An International Perspective”:

    Here is what I can agree with: the people of the past went through a lot.  Columbus was not a good Governor which is why he was brought back to Spain in chains in 1500. We should not govern things in the style of Spanish conquerors and I’m grateful we don’t. Slavery is bad (there, I said it).  Slavery is the biggest human shame our species ever partook it.  Some Africans and Indians of old got a shitty deal.  Though America is the best country there has ever been for advancement, to a degree your history determines your future (my ancestors were not royalty, so either am I for example) I’m not disputing any of that.

    History was not fair.  History is a complicated Gordian knot of alliances, betrayal, territory, treaties, defeats, victory, disaster, and confusion.

    Luckily, I have the solution.


    Give it back.

    That’s right.  If you hate the actions that brought you here (presumably in the United States), give it the fuck back.  Is there blood on your hands?  If you watched that ridiculous woman crying at the sound of Columbus’s name and sympathize, you have no choice.  If you are white, and spend every night staring at the whiteness of your skin repeating the words “what have we done, what have we done” don’t spend another day with the guilt.  If you truly see an injustice and don’t move to correct it, you are just as guilty was Columbus himself and the most ruthless on conquistadors….

    Oh… not me.

    I won’t be giving anything up.  Not me.  My family had no involvement in the New World till after World War One.  We came to American through Ellis Island, dirty, poor and starving.  I feel no guilt for things a personally did 5 years ago let alone what people I never met, from a country I’ve never been too did 500 years ago.  My family scratched and clawed and earned the little we have today.

    If even if that wasn’t the case, so what?  If I was a direct descendant of Columbus, so what?  I’m not stupid enough to involve myself in accent politics.  So not me but you.  The modern progressive reading this and hating the world they live in.  You think people in think country are owed reparations…. what’s stopping you?

    This is the libertarian solution I’ve come up with: Find a Native American tribe and give them your house, everything you own, hand them your life savings say “sorry” and leave.  Where’s the delay?  Go back to where your family was in 1492 (that is if they’ll have you).  Immigration to some other countries in a bit tricky, but in the name of good taste you should demand it.  Many of these are the same people who claim all countries are interchangeably equal anyway, and some of these people claim that the systems all the other countries have are better anyway, so enjoy utopia.

    Go to a black family at random and just hand them half your money every week.  They’d be happy as hell!  Sure, you’ll suffer, but think about how people who looked like them suffered hundreds of years ago.  There isn’t a single law on the books that says if a  person chooses to give away all their land and money to Indians, Blacks, or any other put upon people they can’t.  Do it.  If you feel you didn’t earn it, (I did; but not you, you said so) take action.  Could some of these people only be talking about “other people money” when they say “reparations” or do they know it’s unrealistic so they just whine about it to showcase how sensitive they are?

    Dinesh putting it better than I ever could:

    Stop waiting for the government to force us to do it and do it yourself.  You are a private citizen with the right to give away your private property (or not) and pay for the sins of your ancestors (or don’t).  You’ll make so many Indian and black people so happy (and make them laugh their ass off).  Otherwise, be grateful whatever color you are, that you are an American, for all your ancestors went through to get you here in a system of ideas, not race because the greatest culture in the world took a lot of trial and error to build.  Honor the people who built it not cause of how it started but how it ended up with us all here, and have a happy Columbus Day.


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    Britain’s Bizarre New Class War

    Britain is my homeland. For all her flaws, there is a part of me that is forever England.

    Having lived overseas for some time now, I’m in a peculiar position. Every time I return home, the landscape is a little different. Is it England that’s changing? Or is it just me, or both? What I’ve noticed is that the United Kingdom absorbs the cultural norms of America from across the watery Atlantic membrane like opiates crossing the blood/brain barrier.

    Scaremongering about the far-right is just the latest phenomenon in this grand cultural exchange.

    For years, the archetypal British socialist has fallen into one of two broadly defined categories. First, there are the so-called ‘champagne socialists’ who wring their hands at the problems of racial minorities and the poor. Ask them to visit a soup kitchen with you, and you will be drowned under a deluge of pressing engagements and non-specified excuses. They are, however, well-versed in how jolly awful capitalism is, despite having no real desire to change anything specific about it.

    Second are the children of these middle-class dilettantes who are doing a graduate degree in either Gender Studies or Sociology. These kids are the twins of the ones who have taken up shields with NO HATE emblazoned on them in the US. All the better to beat veterans in wheelchairs with, my dears. The red blood of these angry men (and feminists) is fashionably juxtaposed with the black—the black of bloc anarchist.

    Technically speaking, there is a third kind of quasi-socialist who flits between the parent and child socialists at will, selling pot to both. This is, of course, the true anarchist, the greebo, the hippy. Politically and culturally irrelevant, these strange critters cloak themselves in cold war German military jackets and patchouli. For some reason, they never age, only seeming to be replaced by a never-ending cycle of dropped out kids, who burn out on acid, and decide that because the system is fucked anyways, mountaintop psytrance raves are more worthwhile than maintaining steady employment and saving for a house.

    All three groups are rarely comprised of stupid people. Ideologues, for sure. But never stupid. They’ve read Proust. They understand Sartre, or at least they tell you they do over a poorly rolled joint with a THC content lower than their IQs. These people are our intellectual elite.

    Do you know who are stupid? I mean, really stupid?

    Football (soccer) fans. Dumb as doorstops. They fight each other over tribalist nonsense. They spend vast sums of money earned through hard labour on tickets and paraphernalia that swells the off-shore accounts of Russian billionaires. Their simple minds turn to junk food when their team loses. They don’t care about politics. They are working class, by and large. They vote as their parents voted.

    Except this has recently changed. And dramatically so.

    For decades, the left has bemoaned the lack of political engagement among the working class of Britain. The leftist wrings his hands about ways to engage the youth of today in politics. For, as we all know, the 18-24 demographic now outnumber the baby boomers. If only they would get out and vote. Socialist utopia beckons!

    This is not what has happened.

    The predominantly working-class men who follow football have begun to be politicised, alright. Oh yes, they have. As Rudyard Kipling wrote,

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    The Football Lads Alliance, an ostensibly apolitical movement against all forms of extremism, looks ideologically naive on the surface. Formed in the wake of Islamic terrorist attacks in Britain that are all-too-soon scrubbed from the mind, the FLA  marched through London on June 24.

    The March Against Extremism disavowed the far-right, but is, in essence, a response to the lack of action taken by the UK government against Islamic extremism. After all, it is by far the most threatening and deadly extremist behavior in the nation. The march paused to pay respects at London Bridge, site of the horrific van and knife attacks.

    Naturally, the march has been portrayed in the press as organized by the far-right. Naturally, the usual suspects on the left, the communist Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and the newspaper Socialist Worker, were quick to jump on the bandwagon. What is a leftist movement if you have no enemies to purge.

    In all, ten thousand working-class men marched through the capital, with no violence, a far-right presence tiny enough to be insignificant, and yet, there the leftists were. Crying ‘NAZI!’ at the top of their little lungs.

    But, this article is not about the march. The march organizers claim to be apolitical, which is idealistic in the extreme. In the case of any social movement, you play politics, or you will be played with politics. As the Socialist Worker points out with accuracy:

    “By pointing out to softer elements of the FLA that they are being used by fascists, opposition can drive a wedge into this new right-wing movement to split it too.”

    This is correct. It doesn’t matter if the Football Lads Alliance is 0% fascist. It only matters what the optics are, and who controls the narrative. Outside the group, the narrative is controlled by the left, who have successfully painted the FLA as an offshoot of the English Defense League, a nationalist group that has been explicitly shunned by the FLA. It is also indicative of the desired outcome of the socialists that the “softer elements” be brought over to their camp. As ever, when the far-left cannot convince through argument, it will attempt to subvert through slander.

    That really should prove my point. On the inside of this growing movement, there’s the danger of infiltration by the far-right. Outside the group, the press and the far-left are already lumping the movement in with far-right nationalism. It’s a great recruiting tactic if you’re a budding Antifa, who’s all dressed up with no one to mace.

    I hope I’ve given a complete enough overview of the situation around these events, coming as they are hot on the heels of Muslim gangs raping white girls, children losing their lives to nail bombs at pop shows, stabbings in pubs, and an attempted bombing of a train (which was met by the public with a resounding ‘meh’).

    While our politicians, cowards to the last, exhort us all to Keep Calm and Carry On You Plebs, it is the working class who are finally realizing who and what has come for dinner.

    “I already am eating from the trash can all the time. The name of this trash can is ideology. The material force of ideology makes me not see what I am effectively eating.” -Slavoj Zizek

    Does it take a bunch of football fans to point this out? Are we Brits so mentally enchained as to be unable to discuss the elephant in the room? So it appears, that to discuss the problem of Islam in the United Kingdom online gets one arrested. To talk about it in the workplace will result in unemployment. To talk about it in the home will split your family. To talk about it with your friends loses you your friends.

    Where then, as a culture, are we to look? We have built bridges on our walls because we are not racist enough to build walls around our nation. We quibble over Brexit, the democratically mandated will of the people because middle-class socialists like easy holidays in Tuscany. Freedom of movement across Europe is jolly good, but it doesn’t mean a damn thing on the dole queue.

    Here is the clarion call that is loud and clear. The people on the Football Lads march are the people of Rotherham. The people of Newcastle. The people of Manchester. The people of London. Their opponents live in the green belts. Their opponents cry “Not Al,l” when the argument is never about all or none, and never has been.

    Unlike the United States, the actual violent aspects of the left are incredibly small in the United Kingdom. This is proportional to the numbers of active far-right street groups, who can barely draw more than a hundred people to a rally. The idea that a bunch of sports fans can drown out both sides with a non-partisan message is highly encouraging to me. Though, there are still dangers ahead.

    On October 7th, there was another Football Lads Alliance march in London. Beginning in Marble Arch, tens of thousands marched against extremism.

    FLA march through London on October 7, 2017.

    Here is the issue. The Football Lads are 100% correct in opposing extremism from Islam and the far-right. But they fail to understand that this will not deflect criticism from the leftist media that the march is a smokescreen for the far-right, regardless of intentions. It will also not prevent, as the Socialist Worker again correctly noted, that the far-right will recruit on these marches if they can.

    And so we come to the problem inherent in having such a vague goal. Marching against extremism sounds nice enough. But the fact is, extremism is a subjective term. Without context, extremism is meaningless, and therefore so is its opposition. Extremism is not an enemy in and of itself. As Sam Harris said, “Jain extremists can’t take their eyes off the ground when they walk lest they step on an ant.” While there’s no need for the Football Lads to become a political movement, the understanding must be that the movement is political.

    The Football Lads Alliance has only recently begun as a movement, and so we should not be too critical of their organization yet. Still, as friends, we should not allow friends to fumble blindly in a dark room full of knives.

    The wry comedy we can all at least enjoy, however successful this nascent movement might be, is that the decades-long struggle for the leftists to instill class consciousness in the proletariat may be at an end. It’s just not ending up the way their Critical Theory professors told them it would. The working class has awoken, and shockingly enough, they’ve decided that being told that they’re racist, homophobic, and Islamophobic, is a crock. About bloody time.

    And where are our police force while all this goes on? 

    What’s happened is that our police force is busy pandering to an LGBT+ crowd with freshly painted squad cars. The use of no-no words on social media will see you arrested. The very idea of criticising Islam in public will have you on a watchlist. The watchlist that we already have in the UK, that of 23,000 known jihadis or fundraisers for terrorists, lies gathering dust.

    This is not to say the security services in the United Kingdom do not do a seriously heroic job preventing and catching terrorists when they’re allowed to. Our leaders were told for years that cutting the policing budget in the face of Islamic Terrorism was an awful idea. These senior officers who said so were ignored and portrayed in the press as simply greedy for more tax revenue.

    It’s good to know who our masters consider to be the real problem. It’s not the terrorists. It’s not the socialists. It’s everyone else. It’s you, with concern for your family as another rape gang is arrested and passed off in the press as simply Asian. Strangely we have yet to see a group of Japanese men in the docks passing around teenage white girls like sex dolls. It’s the people who voted for Brexit. It’s the working class who resolutely vote against what they’re told is in their best interests.

    And so, tired of being ignored, sick of being disparaged, the Saxon has begun to march. Let us all hope they do not begin to hate.


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    My Thoughts About Mass Murder

    Mass murder—it’s certainly a hot topic right now with the highest body count from any shooting in U.S. history having just been recorded by shitbag Steven Paddock (and possible accomplices, should you be inclined to believe conspiracy theory chatter). His motives have been kept under tight guard by the FBI and Las Vegas PD—as well as his brother, who has been all too willing to talk to the press about what a regular, burrito-eating guy Steven was. We can drown ourselves in the media frenzy, but many of us already have a sense of what this meticulously executed tragedy was all about. And I’m not compelled to write my own take on it at this time.

    With all of the national outrage over this recent mass murder, and the innocent helpless people gunned down—I can’t help but reflect on the complete lack of outrage, and the tacit acceptance level our society has reached, for the mass murder of unborn children that takes place on a daily basis.

    Yes, I’m talking about abortion.

    I was raised in a liberal secular humanist environment, and abortion was framed as a “women’s rights” issue. Being a self-centered atheist for the vast majority of my life, I never thought twice about it. If women want to terminate their pregnancies, and be free to live their lives, so be it. If they’d rather travel the world, fill up their Instagram accounts with selfies in front of monuments in exotic locations, amen, sister. Go pursue a master’s degrees in marketing so you can climb the corporate ladder and be a “strong independent women.” Who the hell was I to challenge that way of thinking? Their body, their choice, so the slogan goes.

    It wasn’t until the conception of my son, until an exceptionally humane ultrasound technician showed his mother and I an image of his tiny, wiggling, perfectly formed body (at less than 12 weeks, during a “threatened miscarriage” diagnosis) that I came to realize how much more profound a pregnancy is than just a bundle of cells, or a zygote, or a fertilized egg.

    It’s a human life. And we’re murdering them by the thousands, month after month, year after year. The overwhelmingly liberal bohemian metropolis that I reside in celebrates the murderous act of terminating a pregnancy (aka a human life) as a fundamental right of womanhood. As our “progressive” society degenerates further away from the traditional values it was founded upon, we’re now seeing the mainstreaming of hookup culture, open relationships, transgenderism, and other types of sexual immorality.

    But being of the belief that abortion is a morally wrong decision? Hell, I might as well have opted out of the LA dating scene altogether. And that’s a decision that I became comfortable with. I no longer live my life guided by public opinion, but instead by what I know to be the right thing to do.

    I’m compelled to speak out against the widespread acceptance of mass murder in our society. Somehow people have been convinced that a tiny developing human life doesn’t deserve to be protected.

    People don’t even talk about it anymore. It seems to be a dead issue these days, so consider this my attempt to revive it. There was some rage on my feed after the Trump administration cut federal Planned Parenthood funding (hallelujah!). I recall a memorable Facebook post from a liberal feminist acquaintance saying she was going to throw her next unwanted pregnancy over the White House fence because she would no longer be receiving free birth control. Showed how much she values human life. When asked about using condoms she replied, “Guys never have them.”

    Well, shit, how about just not being a promiscuous whore? I realize that we live in a hypersexualized culture and most of us have an intense desire to meet those needs. Now it appears that we’ve got a generation of women who’ve become reliant on the government for free birth control and abortions to subsidize a sexually promiscuous lifestyle.

    By the time these “progressive” women turn 40, after multiple abortions, a few dozen relationships, and maybe a couple hundred hook-ups, they might just realize that they’ve missed out on something. Being a dog mom to a couple of pugs (of whatever breed is currently trending) isn’t as fulfilling as being a mother. Straight up. No matter what nonsense their friends (and liberal rags) tell them about overpopulation harming the planet, they’ll find that in their catalog of memories on Instagram, including those weekends in Vegas, the trips to Bali, all the money made, spent, and wasted keeping up with fashion trends and Botox and collagen fillers, as well as those mid-level HR position jumping around different marketing firms… SOMETHING IS MISSING.

    That something? Yup, the children they aborted because they self-centeredly believed they’d miss out on too much by becoming a mother.

    What they actually missed out on is the greatest gift of all.

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